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Jul 28, 2009 04:22 PM

Reasonably Priced Korean BBQ in Silver Spring/Rockville Area?

The topic says it all -- looking for a place for dinner that costs no more than $20-25 / person. Thanks!

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  1. will depend on how you order and how much alcohol you drink but I think your answer is the Woomie Garden in Wheaton. Food is great. can seat small or large parties. Even has pretty good sushi although the korean bbq is hard to beat. Also get the seafood pancake, it is wonderful. We get the short ribs, bulgoki, Shrimp to grill. we also get a very good vermicelli noodle dish.

    1. Vit Goel (Lighthouse Tofu) on Twinbrook Pkwy specializes in soon doo boo (tofu stew), but they do a very respectable BBQ as well. I think it's much better than Woomi Garden.

      Their banchan are quite good, as well as the seafood pancake, and their octopus dishes.

      1. I have not been to Vit Goel but I really like Woomi. The food is great and I find myself STUFFED for about $20 pp -- especially if you go with a crowd and share everything. And do plan to share, everything is a big.

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          You couldn't even get to $20pp at Vit Goel, unless you drink a lot. The namesake dish at Vit Goel is under $10.

        2. Excellent -- Woomi Garden was my first choice but I wanted to see what people would say. I've been there twice and I think I'll be trying both it and Vit Goel out soon (the more the merrier, right?). Thanks again.

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          1. re: cdela12345

            I have not been to Vit Goel but very much enjoy Woomi and have been there numerous times

          2. I am very meh on WooMi

            I think it expensive for good BBQ. Their ban chan selection is ordinary. I much prefer Honey Pig in Annandale for BBQ. The problem is that HP is a loooong ways away and thee is really nothing better than WooMi. Garh Ram on Garret in a strip mall off route 1 is also very good and I think I prefer it to WooMi or place it in the same range. It is also a hike from Rockville.

            I love Vit Goel, but the BBQ is my least favorite of their dishes: I prefer Soon Do Boo, the seafood pancakes and their octopus & squid stir fries.