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Jul 28, 2009 04:20 PM

If you like Chinese Food and haven't been to the Yunnan Shoppe, your making a MISTAKE!

Sunset Park, Yunnan Flavor Snack. Order the #13. Thank me Later

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  1. can you please give the name of that dish? thanks!

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    1. re: diprey

      I've been to Yunnan Flavor Snack probably two hundred times, especially with my daughter. No joke. I don't remember the numbers, though 13 might be Crispy Meat Sauce. Anyway, here's what you do:
      - ignore the Rice Cake and Noodle dishes, they're packaged noodles.
      - Hot and Sour Dumpling is astounding and unique almost like a very sour and spicy Tom Yum with delicate pork dumplings. The Won Ton soup is broth with similarly small dollops of pork inside delicate wrappers.
      - Pick any of the Rice Noodle dishes on the left side of the menu board. Other than my fave, #6, the astounding cold noodles - a fantastic combination of sugar, spice, herbs, ground pork and peanuts over the noodles without broth - they're all soups:
      Beef Stew is beef chunks.
      Pork Stew is pork chunks.
      Spicy Meat Sauce is the ground pork also in the cold noodle.
      Crispy Meat Sauce (my daughter's favorite) has a few pork slices, unique pork cracklins and tender slices of pork intestine. Frankie should absolutely be thanked for starting this thread!

      The lovely couple who own and run this place seven days a week are always thrilled to see new customers. One caveat: they don't package the noodles separate for to go orders. The sort of less wide than Soba style noodles absorb the liquid, swell up and lose their toothesomeness (is that a word?). Plan on eating as soon as you're home!

      1. re: noisejoke

        Your description of the hot & sour dumpling soup is exactly how I'd describe it. I alternate between that and rice noodles with either pork stew, spicy meat or crispy meat. I'd love to see a full-scale Yunnan restaurant open in the city (like Chicago's Spring World).

        1. re: Peter Cherches

          Peter - that means a lot coming from you! I'm curious if you've had a chance to check out Metro Café, and what you think of it.

        2. re: noisejoke

          I could not agree more. The hot and sour dumplings are amazing and I love the spicy meat as well. I haven't had the cold noodles yet -- I'll add them to my list, but the dumplings make it hard focus on anything else. Oh, those dumplings.

          1. re: noisejoke

            i need to hit that place again with your guide in hand; I had the crispy meat sauce and somehow, i was underwhelmed although for sure it was unique and different. maybe I had such high expectations for an unknown cuisine and waited so long to try it but it was nice, very nice, but not insane. i remember asking for more black vinegar since the thing i had felt underseasoned but i was expecting that sour flavor; will definitely give it another shot, the lady running the place was very nice.

            1. re: bigjeff

              Hey Big - the soups/"stews" are more salty and earthy. The only sour flavor will be found in the Hot and Sour Dumplings. That and the Cold Noodle are what I'd consider truly unique, meaning singular, in my limited eating experience. I had the latter just this afternoon.

        3. #13 is indeed crispy meat sauce!

          1. by the way noise, a few days ago i got a too go order and they asked how long until i would eat it, and when i told them a few hours they packaged the noodles seperate!

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            1. re: FrankieLymon

              Snap! Mebbe they got hip. Mebbe I should've asked. Thanks, pal!

              1. OK, found it in the Voice. 49th St.?

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                1. re: Amy Mintzer


                  Yunnan Flavour Snack Shop
                  775 49th St, Brooklyn, NY 11220