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Jul 28, 2009 03:59 PM

Should I Join Costco?

I have heard a lot of good things about Costco as a company and I would like to support ethical businesses but I am not sure that Costco would really be useful for me. I cook/shop for about five dinners and seven breakfasts for a household of three every week. I get my eggs (very good, very fresh) from a local farmer. Some vegatables and fruit I get from my local coop, some from the supermarket. I get most non-food items from the supermarket and I generally use paper good made from recycled paper. I rarely buy meat but I do buy a lot of cheese. During the growing season most vegatables come "free" from my daughter's farm. Also Costco has a liquor store but the choice is limited and, because of state laws, anyone can buy there.
The closest Costco is about 7 miles away. For those of you who are members - would you recommend that I join?

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  1. I have been a member since 1993.............
    There are months that we spend hundreds, and months that we spend nothing.

    However, TRY IT>>>The membership fee is 100% REFUNDABLE. If it doesn't work for you there is no loss.

    Aside from food, I always buy my eyesglasses there. My progressive bifocals with a basic plastic frame are $135 at Costco, Lenscrafters wanted over $300 for the cheapest.

    Tuesday, my wife got a 20" Visio HD TV for $219.99.

    Our Greyhound took human high blood pressure medicine. The generic Rx was $79 at Walgreen's, It was less than $8 at Costco. Costco also gives an additional discount to those members who do not have prescription insurance.

    Regular Gasoling this week was $2.65/gallon at my local station, and only $2.43 at Costco.

    We don't buy the super size packaging of most of their items. BUT, 1% milk is $2.05/gallon at Costco and $3,89 at Stop and Shop.

    This is not a paid advertisement, and I don't work for Costco. BUT it saves us many times the $50 annual fee.

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      I'm always amazed how cheap generic prescription drugs are when I pick them up.

      Consumer Reports Nov. 2006, the Costco optical department was rated the best place for buying eyeglasses for most people.

      Consumer Reports April 2009, Costco ranked #7 in the National Supermarket ratings...#1 Wegmans, #2 Trader Joe's.

      1. re: monku

        Here in CT, state licensed departments are open to the public (Pharmacy, Hearing Aids, Optical and Liquor). Costco just doesn't make an effort to make it known. BUT, the extra discounts at pharmacy for uninsured are restricted to members.

        1. re: bagelman01

          You can go to all the optical depts without being a member.

          1. re: rockandroller1

            I think you will find that optical requires a state license in all states.

    2. not unless you need to buy "things" in bulk.

      7 miles, is it far or not compared to the other places you buy groceries ?

      1. It really doesn't sound like you fit their target demographic unless you are interested in their non-food items.
        I would, as bagelman01 suggested, check it out; especially since all Costcos have different buyers you never know what special items your local store might carry.

        Truth be told, once my child is out of diapers (please be soon, please be soon), I'm going to give up my membership...which won't make my hubby happy since they're his source for Mexican Coke.

        1. It really depends on what you are looking to buy, but I think it's worth it more for the non-food items with the food items as an added perk from time to time. I know our Costco has great meat and other items that are a little more interesting/different from what we find in our regular stores. As bagelman has pointed out, there are great deals on electronics and for me the value of the membership comes in the health/beauty department. Those items are typically much more expensive in other stores than they are in Costco.

          1. If you drive the 7 miles to your local Costco and tell them that you would like a trial membership, you can browse/shop the store and make an informed decision. Asking total strangers to make this decision for you will not produce the best answer.