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Jul 28, 2009 03:53 PM

Left over feta cheese brine

Does anyone know a culinary (or even non-culinary) use for the brine left over after I eat up my feta? It seems a waste to pour it down the drain.

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  1. I had a recipe once that was feta, chicken and spinach and it used the brine. You basically sear the chicken, add the feta, feta brine, and spinach, cover and cook until chicken is cooked.

    Of course you would need to save some feta....

    1. i hate throwing away stuff too, but it's basically salty water...

      1. It's just water for Heaven's sake!!!

        1. I have a delicious recipe: When making your cheese sauce simply pour in your left over feta brine to give extra flavour then add cornflour to thicken.