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Jul 28, 2009 02:58 PM

Been To Flora's and Evoo any Recs?

I have been to both Flora's in Arlington and Evoo in Somerville and enjoyed both very much. I was wondering if people could recommend any other restaurants similar to these in the just north of Boston area?

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    1. The first two restaurants that come to mind are T. W. Food (Cambridge) and Ten Tables (Cambridge and JP). Both focus on fresh, seasonal cuisine, and both have 3 course prix fixe menus in the same approximate price range as EVOO.

      Another place to consider is Harvest. Maybe not quite as good a value (a bit pricier and no prix fixe, for food that is maybe a bit less creative and well executed), but still worthwhile, especially in nice weather when you can sit out on their beautiful patio.

      In a substantially higher price bracket with correspondingly higher quality, there is of course Craigie on Main (possibly the best restaurant in Boston right now).

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        Tsackton, I've enjoyed EVOO, Ten Tables and Craigie on Main. I'm heading to Harvest this weekend. Any recommendations on what to get?

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          Last time I was at Harvest was in March during restaurant week. The spring green soup stood out -- sort of like a garlic scape pesto in soup form, lemony and garlicy and yummy. But as I'm sure that is no long on the menu, I don't really have any particular dishes to recommend. I'd probably go with what sounds good and in season.

        2. re: tsackton

          I went to T.W. Food last week for Restaurant Week and had an AMAZING dining experience. I also thoroughly enjoyed Harvest last month. I'm going to have to add these restaurants to my list of favorite restaurants.

          1. re: lisa13

            Where north of Boston did you have in mind.
            Also consider L'Andana and Summer-Winter in Burlington

          2. Tryst in Arl. is somewhat similar to Flora.

            1. We live No. of boston and our 2 'local' go-to restnts are EVOO and Gargoyle's in Davis Sq. Do a search and my detailed reviews of both will come up. I have not been impressed enough at Bistro 5(2 times) or Tryst (1x) or flora (3x) to return. Catch is exc. food but atmosphere is just not as attractive/comfie as evoo and gargoyle's. If you are intriqued by unusual techniques and preparations and combos, Jason at Gargoyle's is your man. His straightforward, non- gastrochemistry dishes are still my favs, though- the duck, the tuna poke, and John George's phenomenal Truffle Ice Cream.