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Jul 28, 2009 02:34 PM

Bitter Lemon and Fage Greek Style yoghurt


I'm in Vancouver and I'm looking for two items that I have never seen here that I really hope are indeed in Vancouver:
1) Schweppes' Bitter Lemon
2) Fage Greek Style yoghurt

I've only had Bitter Lemon in Europe, and Fage in Europe and the US. I'm hoping that there is a specialty shop that carries these items that I am overlooking.

Any help would be appreciated.


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  1. Liberte makes a euro style lemon yogurt which I like but it is 8% bf I believe. It is available at Safeways and several other major supermarkets. It is very thick tasty and tangy but I don't know if it is similar to Fage. Celtic Treasure Chest in Vancouver and British Butcher Shop in N.Van both stock a variety of British goods not sure about bitter lemon.

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      1. I was just thinking about posting to ask if anyone knew whether Schweppes Bitter Lemon was available in Vancouver (I want to try it with Pimm's). My parents drank it all the time when I was a kid and that makes me think it was available domestically as they were not in a position to splurge out on "imported" soft drinks back then :-). It seems like Schweppes was bought up by Canada Dry which was in turn bought up by the 7Up googlcorp... I can't find a website that lists products. Sigh. Maybe I'll just mix some lemon juice and tonic water...

        Re the yogurt, if actual Greek will do, I believe both Parthenon and Minerva's carry it.

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          For a thick tasty European style yogurt, why don't you try ASTRO Balkan style? It is so tasty!

          1. re: VanGrrl

            Fage seems to have a cultish following. I have not had a opportunity to sample Fage and am curious how it compares to locally available Astro or Krinos Balkan. There is also a Macedonian yogurt that we have purchased around town that is thick - I don't know the brand because it is always sold in unlabeled plastic tubs.

            From what I have gathered, enthusiasts say that you can try merely straining a good Greek yogurt overnight in cheesecloth to approximate Fage. Haven't tried this, but it could be worth a shot.

            And then there is this thread on DIY Fage:

            1. re: fmed

              I'm one of the Fage addicts. It is actually a strained yogurt. The last batch we bought in CA was the first time I've noticed those words on the label. Might have always been there and I didn't notice before.

              I think the one with a side-car of honey is particularly appealing. Greek honey is so good. The other appeal is that even the zero fat stuff is thick and rich. This time was the first time we found lower fat yogurt (2%) with honey. Even the cherries and other sidecar flavours are good, more fruit, less sugar.

              Yes, Astro is good, Liberte is particularly good but my heart belongs to Fage. I will admit that the fact that we can't buy it here probably adds dramatically to the appeal though I did eat it every day for the 4 months I lived in Baltimore.

              1. re: sharonanne

                Fage is pretty amazing, we recently became converts. While in the US we eat it almost every day. We've tried what's available in Western Canada, and the closest to Fage would be straining the plain Liberte, but the overall flavor of Fage is richer (even the low fat one) The ones with honey are good, but I find they give you way too much honey.

          2. re: grayelf

            I found this place that sells Bitter Lemon Tonic online:
            Maybe the Celtic Treasure Chest has it too?

            I'm thinking lemon syrup plus regular tonic water will approximate it.

            Chowhound is a veritable treasure of DIY attempts at commercial products - DIY tonic water included:
            ....and followed it to this link:

            May be a bit to hardcore geeky, but the recipe looks easy enough...assuming you can source the somewhat esoteric ingredients (chinchona bark??). Jacking the lemon component might approximate it.

            1. re: fmed

              I found that website too, fmed. I tried Schweppes tonic water and real lemon juice -- not so good with Pimms it turns out which is what I wanted to try. Maybe I'll leave it to the memories...

              1. re: grayelf

                Don't give up yet....try botted lemon syrup (eg Monin or Torani) instead of lemon juice.

                1. re: grayelf

                  My memory suggests there might be some lemon peel involved.

          3. Try one of the Balkan Delis such as Urban Deli, Jovo the Butcher, Butcher Boy, or Tina's Deli. I know I've seen it at one of these. You may also try Bosa's where I've seen a non-Schweppes version but buyer beware, I've tried imposters before and they don't compare to Schweppes.

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            1. re: liverwurstontoast

              You can probably improvise something similar using Limonata and regular tonic water.

              1. re: fmed

                ahh... never thought of that! WIll have to give it a try. Thanks

                1. re: liverwurstontoast

                  I did think of trying limonata but not of mixing it with tonic so will give that a whirl. Best combo so far: frozen lemonade with Pimm's and cucumber slices (bottled lemonade was too sweet) but of course this doesn't impart any fizz...

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