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Jul 28, 2009 02:32 PM

I-81 Between Harrisburg & Wilkes Barre Recs Please

Traveling up 81 this Sunday.. How about some good chow recs just off the Interstate? Pennsylvania Dutch food, good diners, fried chicken etc.

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  1. Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot right off the interestate. A few miles down the road off exit 145 in Conyngham is a little place called the Brass Buckle. It bills itself as a Mexican restaurant (the name doesn't sound Mexican!) and has a lot of Mexican food, but has a pretty extensive menu. It's kind of fun and the food is good. If nothing else turns up here, you might give it a try! Someone might mention Top of the 80s which is in the same area. I remember my grandmother used to go there---would love to hear an update......