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Jul 28, 2009 02:23 PM

Homemade Ricotta: Do you stir?

I've made gourmet's ricotta several times now, though after reading another CH thread on ricotta, I've been wondering if maybe this recipe is a bit wacked, as it has you stir constantly once the acid (lemon juice) is added. It's worked for me in my many trials, but I'm wondering if maybe stirring over low heat might not be the best idea, as it does leave the whey more milky than I'd expect whey to be, thus leading me to assume that I'm "losing" a lot of my cheese to the whey. Any thoughts would be appreciated

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  1. I've just started making ricotta, got three or four batches under my belt. I heat to 180, then add lemon juice until it curdles. If the whey is milky after straining, you can reheat, add more lemon juice and get more cheese. The first couple times I used the stove and worried about burning on the bottom so I stirred a lot. The last batch I microwaved! Worked great.

    I have an herb garden. I mixed some of the cheese with chopped fresh herbs and a nice olive oil and molded into quarter cup rounds. Makes a nice little gift for someone. Use a piece of cloth in the mold and add a few decorative leaves to the bottom of the mold, press a bit then unmold. Very nice looking.