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Jul 28, 2009 02:04 PM

Best Pie in RI?

Sorry for the rhyming title... Where can you buy really great pie in Rhode Island? It can be from a restaurant or a farm stand or a bakery. I actually bought a great pie from Eastside Marketplace a few years ago that was mango and strawberry, a combo I'd never had (but which works!)... but I'm sure there are sublime pies out there that I don't know about. Thanks!

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  1. I like going to Schartner Farms in Exeter. Good pies...mmmm...pie.

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    1. re: gatsby39

      SECOND THAT. Schartner Farms is FABULOUS! Pecan and Blueberry

    2. jaswell farm in smithfield, try "fruits of the forest", berries apples and rhubard, delicious!

      1. Schartner Farms - best in RI. The strawberry rhubarb is my favorite unless I'm having the apple pie which is then my favorite.

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        1. re: Rhody Dave

          Schatner totally agree they also make a good Blueberry pie. The crust I think is made with Lard or partial lard because of its flakyness. Tyhey sell a ton of them good on a nice chilled November Sunday Afternoon.

        2. This is great! Thank you. Schartner Farms it is, as soon as I can get there. I'll report back.

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          1. re: RhubarbPudd

            I am not a big pie fan only very few but there Strawberry Rhubarb is excellent tart sweet nice balance.

          2. Schatners also has great jam and lots of their own vegetables. If you garden, a perfect place to get plants. They even sell garlic scapes which was new to me this year.