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Jul 28, 2009 01:55 PM

Kelowna Restaurants

I've already searched through this board for ideas on restaurants to try on my upcoming visit to Kelowna. Each suggestion that I've checked out, however, doesn't seem to really meet what I'm after...

Quite simply I'm looking for a non-chain restaurant with a patio - nice atmosphere, maybe even kind of fun and relaxed, good service, well-prepared, tasty food with at least a couple of selections that a pre-teen might recognize on the menu...

Bouchon's Bistro, Old Vines and even RauDZ all seem a bit too... I don't know, I'm sure the food is amazing but it's just not the atmosphere and style of dining that we enjoy on our relaxed vacation with the kids.


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  1. Maybe with the exception of Bouchon's, I've taken my kids (7 & 9 yr olds) to Quail's Gate, Sumac Ridge, Frescos (pre-RauDZ) , and I think Cedarcreek (can't remember) without feeling stuffy or awkward.

    Even if the menu seems too fancy for the kids, just ask them to whip up something like pasta with Alfredo sauce or butter sauce - they'll be happy to do so - we did that a number of times...

    Having said that, my kids are well behaved when we go out, and they enjoy going out as much as the parents...

    We were going to go to Grey Monk a couple weeks ago when driving back from Vancouver, but that got ki-boshed due to a traffic accident on the 97. I highly recommend travelling there outside the weekend!

    If you are looking for a simple lunch, try a place called Deli City/Bunches Bistro. Its just in a little strip mall and it doesn't look like much on the outside, but its quite tasty lunch fare, and very busy.

    1. Although RauDZ does not have a patio, their revamped menu can be an interesting fit for a pre-teen, and the way that the booths are set-up now is also more family-friendly than their previous layout.

      For some other options in Kelowna, the Fixx Cafe (3101 Lakeshore Road) is an under-rated gem with excellent food that would work for pre-teens (especially if they like pasta). There is a patio that is open when the early evenings are not too hot, but because the place is small reservations are suggested. The Wild Apple at the Manteo has patio dining with a menu that should also work. And the setting at Summerhill might be the best of all on the east side of the lake. They do excellent pizza's at lunch time (nice organic crust), and on evening visits we have seen family's order them even though they are not on the dinner menu. Also a second vote for the Cellar Bistro at Sumac Ridge - a little more casual feel than some of the other winery restaurants, while maintaining a high quality.

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        Enjoyed The Wild Apple the one time I went there.

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          Enjoyed a great meal at Old Vines a few weeks ago. Beautiful setting, great food. I agree with Bouchon as well. If the weather is good, kids will enjoy the atmosphere at Wild Apple. While the food isn't necessarily as great as Bouchon or Old Vines, it's fun to watch the kite surfers in the nearby water. Haven't been myself yet but what about the Cabana Grille (near Manteo Resort)? Have a great time!

      2. There's a new place called Cabana that was opened by some people from Calgary, I haven't been myself but I've heard it's very good and sounds like what you're looking for - I'm planning to try it out next time I'm there.