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Jul 28, 2009 01:46 PM

Sour cherries?

Anyone seen sour cherries in any of the markets around Boston? I have a craving to try a recipe for a sour cherry pie, and looking over old posts this seems to be about the time they were ripe last year. Thanks!!

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  1. They were available at the Lexington Farmer's Market today from Charlton (Carlton?) Orchards. It's the big truck at the Lexington Center end of the market.

    1. Saw them at Wilson Farms in Lexington yesterday. $5.99 per dry quart. Would you mind posting the pie recipe, or a link to it, on the Home Cooking Board?

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      1. re: GretchenS

        GretchenS, this is probably more appropriate on the Homecooking Board, or the Food, Media and News Boards, but here is a recent sour cherry recipe from smittenkitchen, a blog that I enjoy. I, too, have been looking for a local source for sour cherries in season.

      2. Got some nice ones (from upstate NY) at Arax in Watertown yesterday.

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        1. re: dsmoxie

          Arax still had gorgeous ones today.

        2. I saw some today at the Newton Farmers Market. Kimball Fruit Farm had them and they do a different market every day to the week. Here's their schedule:


          1. On a similar note - anyone know where I could find good sour cherry jam? I'm a big fan and have yet to find a decent one in Boston...

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              Jam is SO easy to make...'course pitting the cherries is probably a job. I haven't done cherries - but strawberry, plum, peach - and just last week I made a blueberry compote to die for.

              Guess this is getting OT....

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                I think the eastern european places have a fairly wide selection, International Bazaar on Beacon in Brookline, and Baza on Needham Street definitely have it.