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Jul 28, 2009 01:32 PM

Flavor Tripping in Austin!

Belmont is hosting two flavor tripping parties. First one is tomorrow and then another on Friday. Wanted to go to the one on Friday, but hubbers won't be back in time, so I'm all set for tomorrow. I am really excited and think this will be an interesting experience. They're charging about double what they do in New York, but I guess being the first party in Austin and the fact that the little magic fruit buggers are so perishable makes that okay.

When I first heard about this I wanted to throw my own party, but at $90 a bag and not knowing what to serve, I decided not.

Can't wait to see what tastes great and what surprises me.

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  1. I think you can get the berries cheaper than that at - I haven't ordered them yet, but I'm planning on getting some and hosting my own party. I hear that the effects last much closer to 20 minutes than the 2 hour max.

    1. i have been wanting try it ever since a co-worker told me about it last year, but the price tag has kept me away.
      the site allyson listed below is not so bad, price-wise.

      here is the link i got from yelp's email:

      they mention a houston chowhound gathering.
      we are so late to the party, people!

      1. I'm in--just bought my ticket. I'm terribly excited... been wanting to try this for quite a while.

        And yeah, it's pricey, but it looked too fun to pass up.

        Anyone else?

        1. If you're looking to flavor trip for less money, you can buy miracle fruit tablets online for something like $15 for 10 tablets. They're freeze dried and ground up, but they work just as well and don't go bad.

          The effect lasted maybe an hour and a half when I tried it. Surprisingly, plain yogurt was the biggest hit with the flavor trippers.

          1. Only lasted about 30 minutes (absolutely not worth the $40 admission fee).

            Apple cider vinegar tasted super-sweet. Strawberries tasted like they'd been dipped in cherry pie filling. Guinness beer tasted like a super-rich chocolate milk shake. Unsweetened cranberry juice, bitters, grapefruit and vodka drink tasted like a very refreshing fruity rum drink. Tomatillos, rhubarb were all wonderful in a crisp light (think apple) kinda way. Hummus just tasted like hummus. Goat cheese not quite, but simular to cream cheese frosting.

            Stopped working VERY quickly and suddenly you had these horribly sour/bitter things in your mouth. Funny.