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Jul 28, 2009 01:14 PM

Seattle gourmet groceries for camping

We'll be up in Seattle next Thursday evening for one night before we skip out to the Gorge for a weekend of camping. We were hoping to get some Batali Salumi, but they close early at 4pm, and our flight doesn't get into until then. Any recommendations other than Whole Foods for where to shop for some gourmet camping/BBQ provisions for the weekend?

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  1. I know Metropolitan Markets sell Salumi salamis. (and they have all kinds of great food, I often find their quality, especially with meats, cheeses and prepared food, to be higher than Whole Foods)

    And isn't there supposed to be some new foodie picnic place in Greenwood or Fremont or something?

    1. I've not been there, but I plan to. Seems to fit your bill.

      Picnic at 68th and Greenwood

      1. DeLaurenti's (Pike and 1st) for cheeses/charcuterie/wine/beer, Uwajimaya (5th and Weller) for kalbi (beef short rib steaks)

        1. Big John's PFI, for sure, and Pike Place Market.

          1. Where are you staying? How early Friday do you want to get going? I assume you'll have a rental car. How much of a cooler?

            Downtown Seattle options might be awkward for you.

            At the airport end of Lake Washington there are HMart, for Korean style meats, and 99Ranch, which you are probably familiar with. There's at least one WF on the east side, as well as an Uwajimaya (Japanese based Asian).

            Any other suggestions for the south and east sides (on the way to the Gorge)?