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Jul 28, 2009 01:13 PM

palm springs steak houses

going to that area next month. around the la quinta area. is LG's steakhouse still the place to go for steaks?
I believe a few more places opened up over the years there..chop house, arnold palmer, some others.
can anyone please let me know the best steakhouse in this area.
i loved LG years before, but i want to make sure they are still the top choice.


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  1. I don't know what LG's was like when you were last there, but I avoid it whenever my wife and I go to PS. We went to the Palm Springs restaurant with her parents, who live in Banning. We are used to steakhouses like Donovan's in San Diego, Ruth's Chris, Morton's, etc. The service was not as good as a Coco's and the prices for the quality of the food was way out of line. There are so many better places to go in the area now, like the ones you mentioned. Definitely try them before going back to LGs.

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      what a shame....last time i think i was there was 5 years ago. really enjoyed their signature steak (forget what they called it). i eat ruths and mortons all the time in LA so hoping to avoid those in PS.
      is the Falls a good one?

      1. re: samtron608

        Haven't been to the Falls, but I hear that it's good. Arnold Palmer's is good and their wine list is extensive (at least it was last year).

    2. I think the Falls is only in Palm Springs now, but call and check. They are offering a tom of specials, including prefix for 30 with lots of choices and mid-week wine specials.

      Very close to La Quinta we like Vicky's of Santa Fe. My wife and I like the piano in the bar.

      The Cliff House in La quinta is also offering specials. Good Luck.

      1. I try to avoid placing singularly negative posts, but I must warn you about the very poor experience I had at Flemings a few months ago. I won't return, ever. Poor service, poor quality of food, all at a pretty high price tag. No, thank you.

        1. Had steaks at Rattlesnake in Palm Desert a few months ago. Food was decent but somewhat overpriced. Brought two bottles of wine, manager waived corkage on one. View was nice and service was adequate.

          I think they may close for a while during the summer.

          1. Just got back from Indian Wells, and had a fantastic dinner at the Palm Desert location of LG's Steakhouse while there. The restaurant was not packed, but the food and service were really great, especially the food.

            My table started with the escargots in alfredo sauce and the bacon wrapped scallops. I was afraid the alfredo sauce would be too thick but it wasn't - it was just as liquidy as the yummy butter. The bacon wrapped scallops were also really great. For my entree, I ordered the prime fillet, rare charred, and it was A-MAZINGly good. I've never had dry-age like that in LA. My mouth is watering just thinking about it again.

            For dessert, I shared the chocolatey cake thing with the vanilla bean ice cream that LG's gets from Santa Barbara. The cake was nothing special, but the ice cream was really good.

            Our server, Victor, said the place used to get really packed years ago, but no one new to the area really knows about it because it's easy to miss when driving by due to the new buildings around them. I'm so glad we got this recommendation from someone we know who visits the area frequently because we may have just decided to go to Ruth's Chris, which we actually passed on the way to LG's.