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Jul 28, 2009 01:10 PM

Is There an Asian Market in Exton?

A friend who moved west a couple of years ago told me there was an Asian market on Rt. 100, somewhere in the vicinity of the Marchwood shopping center. I go past that area often and never noticed such a place. Is it still there?

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  1. There used to be one where the produce junction is.

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    1. re: percyn

      Believe there is currently an Indian grocery on 100 near Han Dynasty.

    2. Himalyan Asian Foods is there (tied to the restaurant at the corner of 401 and bus 30). You can drive past there and not see it, but I am pretty sure it is still there.

      1. Yes, its there. I was in there last week. Its in the middle of the large strip that faces True Value. It would be really hard to see from Rt 100.

        I prefer the Asian Grocery near the corner of 401 & 30 in Malvern. It is called Cong's (Gong's) Market. If you are facing Himalyan, turn left and go into the doors at the corner of the building. This will take you down a hallway and the store is in the back. I like to go there after work on Fridays when they get an order of fresh veggies and prepared foods.

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          401 & 30? In that shopping center where Friendly's is (or maybe used to be)?

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            friendly's is further down from the shopping center (east of the other indian place.)
            The shopping center is behind the one right at the corner with taco bell/kfc, subway, slice it up, himalayan, east star, the vegetarian place, etc.
            So I think it is the one you mean, but the friendly's is a bit separated.