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Jul 28, 2009 01:09 PM

Gargiulo's Coney Island

Has anyone been here recently? I remember (years ago) when it was a good classic Brklyn Italian rest. and was wondering if it is so today.

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  1. i was there in march and loved it as much as ever....yeah, a little threadbare in terms of aesthetics, but the service, and above all, the food, have the old old school italian american thing down as well as anywhere other than Frost

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      1. re: david sprague

        Thanks for the report. I will plan a return shortly. Excuse my ignorance but you intrigued me: what and where is Frost?

        1. re: mlzeats

          sorry about the shorthand.

          frost restaurant is a very old-fashioned, totally non descript italian place on frost street in williamsburg. looks like a bunker, offers some really great comfort food (although a little heavy for this weather)/

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            If you like that type of old style Italian comfort food, you'd probably enjoy new Corner Resto. in Dyker Hts. That's where I go when I'm in the mood for that style of cooking.

            1. re: Tay

              Never had a bad meal at Garguilo's. The kicthen is spotless. They will walk you thru if you want to see it amazing .

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              Just following up after my meal at Gargiulo's. I found the food to be competent but not extraordinary or memorable. It does continue to offer the clasic ambience and setting that others of this thread have commented upon.

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                I used to go to Gargiulo's in the 1980s and thought the food was quite good. A couple of years ago I convinced a friend to go back and the results were disappointing. The starters were decent but the mains were awful, the type of stuff you'd get at a bad wedding. Some will say that we ordered wrong but even if we did, food at that level is inexcusable.

                The most disappointing thing of all was the big octopus that used to cling to the ceiling was gone. I guess he also didn't like the food.

          2. Dinner in Brooklyn -- Becoming an Extra in a Real Life Martin Scorsese Movie

            I ate in Gargiulo's about a dozen years ago when I fell asleep on the subway on my way to downtown Manhattan and woke up in Brooklyn. I decided to stay on the el (the subway goes above ground across the East River inside Brooklyn) to the end of the line.
            When I exited at the Stillwell Avenue station in Coney Island, I followed the smell of the garlic in the air and arrived at Gargiulo's main dining room. I was alone, the only non-Italian in the restaurant, that Friday night.
            The food was good, but what I remember most is when an older couple came in and were seated. At that time, a big wooden octopus -- ten feet across -- still hung from the ceiling in the center of the dining room. Beneath the octopus was a large round table for 6 to 8, or for just two people having a very nice dinner. Those two: a man in his 60's, small and dumpy looking, though well dressed; his wife about the same. As the maitre d' sat them, the entire dining room, about 60 people, went completely silent. Then, after they were seated, everybody clicked their knives and forks against their water glasses and a few fellows cheered out greetings in Italian. I asked my waiter, "Who's that?" and was told, "Oh, he’s a well-respected local businessman and his wife."
            Very well respected. It seemed wise not to make any further inquiries.

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            1. re: BigGuy

              " It seemed wise not to make any further inquiries"
              You have no idea just how wise. :-)

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                At least they let you stay there. About 25 years ago we were eating at Joe and Joe restaurant in the Bronx (pronounced Jo Jo's-- and apparently reincarnated somewhere in Westchester). We were 2/3 of the way through our dinner when a group of people came in and the restaurant manager came out to tell us that our dinners had been paid for, but that we would have to leave right away. We did.