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Jul 28, 2009 01:06 PM

How many drinks?

I'm expecting about 25 people to attend a fund raising party. Another thread convinced me to serve mojitos and white sangria along with a non-alcoholic punch. How many drinks should I expect to serve through the 2 hour party?

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  1. The general rule of thumb is 2 alcoholic beverages per guest for the first hour and one per hour thereafter, so count on 75 drinks plus the non-alcoholic punch.

    1. Mojitos for a cocktail party? Please tell me you have someone else making them for you. They're quite labor intensive, and mojitos made from pre-made mix are just no good. I would go with just the white sangria and non-alcoholic punch. There's a reason that the only things you ever see served at art gallery openings are white wine and bottled water ;)

      Alan's rule is mostly true, except for one thing: Guests are hardly ever there for the entire party. People show up fashionably late during the first hour, and people start filtering out during the last hour. The rule that I learned is that during a three-hour party (which I have found to be ideal for a cocktail party), figure two drinks per guest. Each bottle of wine is 4 drinks, so get a case of wine plus one bottle. Remember it's sangrĂ­a, you're *supposed* to use the cheap plonk; Trader Joe's Charles Shaw or the Target Wine Cubes will work perfectly well. Four big Wine Cubes will give you enough sangrĂ­a to serve 32 guests.

      Oh, other good numbers to know: Get 1/2 pound of ice per person. If you're serving hors d'oeuvres, figure ten bites per person. It's OK to run out of food in the third hour of the party; it just means that you had a really good party.

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        I've been to large parties where mojitos are served. They can be made the same way as sangria-hours before the party in large large jugs. Just don't add ice to the jugs while making them-muddle a bunch of sugar, limes and mint, add a few bottles of rum, and fill with soda water. Make sure it is stirred well, and ladle it in cups with ice.

        1. re: schrutefarms

          For a slightly fresher taste you could even keep the soda and the mojito mix separate until the last second.

          I like JK's system, but I always have a box of wine at home, just in case there's nothing else to drink. They pretty much never go bad, and you're covered if you invite over a bunch of lushes.