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Top Trader Joes picks (moved from General Topics)

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I only get to visit TJ's once or twice a year when I travel through the Chicago area. I have a few favorite items I look for like the slivered almonds and the salmon burgers. What are your favorites?

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  1. I suggest searching this board first, as there are multiple threads of TJ picks and pans.

    1. raw sliced almonds
      greek nonfat yogurt
      organic blue agave
      pomegranate green tea
      sparkling mineral waters

      1. dried fruit (blueberries, cherries, berry mix)
        flavored nuts (chipotle pistachios, chili lime peanuts)
        fresh pressed apple cider (in the fall)
        cleaned leeks
        bagged organic avocados
        sprout mix (crunchy sprouts, in a small container near the veg)
        brie log
        hummus and babahanoush (TJ's brand)
        TJ's soy creamery ice cream
        mini ice cream sandwiches (mint choc chip flavor)
        pecan pralines
        gingersnaps (the kind in the plastic tub)
        tiny meringues (100 pcs for 100 calories)
        pomegranate tea bags
        pound plus baking chocolate
        chipotle chocolate almonds

        1. I'm in pretty much the same boat, I only get there 3-4 times a year.
          Products I've gotta have because I can't find them elsewhere include:
          tomato bruschetta
          Romano Caesar dressing
          spinach punjab sauce
          veggie/flaxseed tortilla chips
          the potbelly-can soups
          Masala burgers
          veggie burritos
          dark chocolate edamames

          Stuff I load up on because the price is great include
          peanut butter (chunky salted)
          grated fresh parmesan/romano
          cheese enchiladas
          English breakfast teabags
          3-buck chuck (shiraz)