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Jul 28, 2009 12:54 PM

MSP - BTD - Picky Eater

After reading so many posts about Bangkok Thai Deli, I really want to take my bfriend to BTD Friday night. He is meeting my 14-yr old niece and I for dinner before the Circus Juventas production. Now, the only problem with this idea is my niece is a VERY picky eater. She won't eat anything "weird" or spicy. She likes pasta, chicken, and shrimp. Can anyone recommend something she can eat at this restaurant or is there a restaurant nearby that we can get her take-out and bring with us to BTD (Not sure if this is even an option. I don't want to be rude.) Or, is there another "normal" restaurant in the St. Paul area that we should try? I know the last time we went to Circus Juventas, my niece and I tried a dive bar known for their fried chicken. It was DELICIOUS!!! As always, thanks for your help:-)

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  1. I hate to say it, but Bangkok Thai Deli would be a major challenge for a picky eater. I wouldn't recommend it for your niece.

    Perhaps the nearby Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant would be better. She'd probably think most of the menu is weird, but they have delicious and simple grilled pork (though it comes with rice, cucumber, shredded carrots, and bean sprouts, plus a tangy-spicy dipping sauce). I think they have grilled chicken with rice, too. See if she'll try a Vietnamese egg roll (fried) or spring roll (uncooked, in rice paper) - they're delicious.

    In the general area of Cirque Juventas, how about Highland Grill on Cleveland Ave at Ford Parkway? They have slightly upscale burgers and fries, plus a few main dishes like salmon. This place is usually mobbed at meal times, so leave plenty of time for waiting in line.

    Good luck!

    Saigon Restaurant & Bakery
    704 University Ave W, Saint Paul, MN 55104

    Highland Grill
    771 Cleveland Ave S, Saint Paul, MN 55116

    1. Everyone likes pad thai. Just order pad thai. If she won't eat pad thai, just smack her a little.