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Jul 28, 2009 11:44 AM

Eclectic Cafe, Hyannis review

A group of friends and I thoroughly enjoyed our dinner last evening at the newly reopened Eclectic Cafe in Hyannis. The outdoor seating area was as lovely as ever with lovely plantings and lighting; tables set with linens, candles, and retro, mismatched bread plates. We lucked out weather-wise so elected to stay out there for our meal. Nice but small wine list. Tasty warm loaves of bread were offered with an herb-infused dipping oil. We elected to skip appetizers although the strawberry soup with mint was tempting. Two people had the striped bass with grilled pineapple salsa, sweet potato fries, and green beans (recently in the running in a competition on the "Regis and Kelly" show, from what we were told) Two of us (including me) had the swordfish special - a center cut swordfish filet with a walnut/tomato pesto over parmesan risotto served with asparagus. Eggplant parmesan (another special) with ziti and Statler chicken breast with garlic mashed were the other entrees. All were excellent. Dessert that was shared was a trio of sorbets (mango, lemon, and wildberry) in a almond lace cookie "bowl"- again, very good. The chef is the same as the previous incarnation of the EC and obviously he hasn't lost his touch! Entrees run about $18-$28 dollars or so. They have a good menu of starters so a meal of apps and a glass of wine would be a nice way to experience the outdoor courtyard ambience as well.

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  1. sounds lovely Jillian...I loved the summer I worked there under Chef Cameron's cooking tenure...after, the entire staff had cosmos. We used to hand whip the whipped cream every night..

    1. Thanks for the review.
      I last visited the Eclectic Cafe over 5 years ago but I'm so excited to discover it again. My recollections included a beautiful outdoor setting, a fresh, interesting menu, and a small but well selected wine list. It seems my recollections have carried through in their reincarnation.

      1. Yes! Thanks for the revue. I too, am happy to hear the "new' stands up to the 'old'. We can always use more quality choices, especially here in the Mid-Cape. Here's their site which shows an interesting menu fairly priced IMHO.

        1. Just wanted to second this review. My family thoroughly enjoyed our dinner at Eclectic Cafe Saturday night. We sampled almost all the appetizers and one was better than the next. The special mussels in a tarragon sauce were a particular favorite as was the smoked lobster spring roll from the menu.

          The service was absolutely fantastic. Fred took care of us with service so excellent that my entire family from three states all agreed that it was the best combination of service and food we'd had in years. This despite our rather complicated request that the many appetizers we ordered come in waves a la tapas.

          In particular I wanted to add that if you have children who are comfortable in fine dining restaurants, they are very welcoming and accommodating. Our three and five year old were treated like a lady and gentleman, and thankfully behaved accordingly. They don't have either booster seats or a children's menu, which is normally a signal to stay away, but when I called for a reservation they were very welcoming and encouraged us to come. The kitchen was happy to leave out the truffle and lobster from the mac & cheese, they also made us a plain/kid friendly quesadilla. There was also a cheese plate which we didn't order, but could have worked for a kid who's willing to try various cheeses. Because the courtyard has a direct entrance from the mainstreet sidewalk, you can escape with a boisterous child without disturbing other diners. We ordered a shirley temple and roy rogers and the kids of course loved having a fancy drink. I would recommend that you ask for kids drinks to be served in a short glass. They served them in a tall glass and the straw/glass combination was a bit too tall to handle for the little ones.

          This is definitely a fine dining place, so don't bring children who would be likely to disturb other diners, but if your kids can handle it, these folks can handle it, too!

          All in all head and shoulders over many other restaurants on or off cape.

          1. I've got to chime in here as well. Last night on a whim I decided to have a couple of apps at the bar and I was overwhelmed with the food! I started with the seafood Gazpachos salad. It was a cevuche of shrimp, scallops, and halibut on a bed of seaweed salad and a splash of gazpacho. It comes served as a heaping portion in a martini glass, making for a nice presentation, but a but difficult to eat without it falling over the rim of the glass. Can'y take any point off for that, howver, as the taste was sublime. It's a really unique twist on ceviche. I've always been surprised that more Cape restauarants don't offer ceviche. The Eclectic has it down pat. I had ordered the truffled lobster mac and cheese, but after the ceviche I realized it would just be too heavy, but the kitchen graciously allowed be to substitute a cup of the lobster bisque. Sublime. Creamy smooth and full of flavor with a deep dark color, a few lobster bits, and an obvious touch of good sherry. A nice warm and crusty bread was offered with a quality EVOO and fresh grated parmesan. Prices are very reasonable for the quality of ingredients and preperation.

            The service was terrific at the bar. The room is funky and pleasant. As is the outdoor dining courtyard. Everything I saw coming out of the kitchen looked excellent. This place deserves our support. They will only be open for another 4-6 weeks this season so call ahead if you're planning to try it. Get on down there!

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              I didn't realize Hyannis restaurants close in the off-season. EEK, i need to get to Eclectic and the tapas place in the next few weeks! Thanks for the heads-up.

              1. re: BlueSoup

                Not all of them do. It depends on if they have a year round license or seasonal one. If the Tapas place you are referring to is Embargo, they remain open year round.