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Jul 28, 2009 10:16 AM

NEW in flushing


as i ate at temple snacks in the flushing mall today i noticed that directly next to temple snacks our friend mr. liang is opening his xian fine eats!...looks like abou 1-2 weeks from completion. very excited for him...pic attached


as i strolled down main street i noticed a newly opened thai restaurant toward northern...any reviews?...pic attached

happy chowing!

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    1. ok its not letting me attach the thai pic, so heres details lol

      Excellent Thai
      36-50 Main st.

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      1. re: chefjellynow

        noone tried it? owell i guess its really new. i shulda crossed the street and gotten a menu

        1. re: chefjellynow

          I tried their vegetable pad thai, which is my litmus test for decent Thai (and I'm vegetarian). It was an okay, nicely sized portion of pinkish noodles and mixed vegetables. When ordering, I had asked if they could add tofu, and she said "we don't do that" but the dish ultimately came with tofu, so I'm not sure if she understood me or not. The spring rolls were small and delicious. Service was friendly and attentive. They deliver, which is a bonus for that area.

          I am not well-versed in Thai cuisine at all, but the menu struck me as more Chinese than Thai. I'd be interested to know others' impressions.

        2. re: chefjellynow

          picked up their menu yesterday at the Burmese Fun Fair in Briarwood, the front of the menu lists Malaysian, Thai, Burmese, Yunnan, plus Southeast Asian Beverages. a sampling of menu items include:

          various pad thais, chow kueh teow, hokkien noodles, curry noodles, fish head noodles, various typical preps over rice, burmese tea salad, various thai-style salads, yunnan sliced pork special salad, yunnan fish head soup, sizzling platters, many casseroles, a ton of the typical malaysian seafood preps and thai seafood preps plus some cantonese items as well, a ton of vegetable choices as well. the menu is ridiculously large but if possible to glean some hits (and I doubt pad thai will be one of them) this place might be good. happy to explore the burmese and yunnan choices.

          1. re: bigjeff

            i am going to try it out for lunch today, will let ya know