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Jul 28, 2009 09:57 AM

Berlin for Vegetarians


We are spending 4 nights in Prenzlauer berg. We are looking for places that are not really made solely for vegetarians, instead places that can cater to vegetarians. One of us eats seafood! Thank you so much in advance! We can explore the entire city!

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  1. Not sure where in P'berg you're staying, but there are a number of very good Vietnamese places (Sian on Rykestr. for example) that have vegetarian options, as well as a pretty good Chinese place (also on Ryke), Aroma Village. Sasaya on Lychener Str. has good sushi.

    If you don't care much for Asian, many Italian restos have vegetarian choices available as well. Unless you go to an old-school traditional German restaurant, you won't have any problems.

    1. Thanks! Anything that I should not miss?

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            I haven't visited Berlin for a couple years- I'm sure linguafood will have some great suggestions re: the best places for sweets.

            One sweet that that is common in Berlin that I really enjoy is rote gruetze- often served with vanilla sauce. Basically a mixed berry pudding. Some of the fancier hotels even include this in their breakfast buffet:)

            But no trip to Berlin is complete without a trip through the foodhall at KaDeWe;) - and they'll have at least a few chowworthy sweets there!

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                There is a FANTASTIC patisserie / dessert place in P'berg called Werkstatt der Süße on Husemannstrasse. Their stuff is mind-blowing.


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                  Wow- the pastries looks amazing- thank for posting the link- I'll keep it on my list for my next visit to Berlin, whenever that might be:)

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              If you get a hankering for more American style sweets, try Cupcake at Krossener Straße 12, in Friedrichshain - I'm pretty sure it's the only place in Berlin where you can get brownies, and she has vegan items as well.