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Jul 28, 2009 09:39 AM

ISO: Farm to purchase whole pig from

A friend of mine lives out on the Cape and is looking for a farm in Eastern Mass he can purchase a whole pig from, preferably butchered. Any suggestions?

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  1. BarmyFotheringayPhipps and I bought a half-hog from Winrose Farm in NH a few years back, butchered to our specifications. We were pretty pleased with it. There are a lot more farms doing livestock now - another one that has great meats would be Stillman's at the Turkey Farm:
    They usually sell butchered meat cuts, but may well be willing to sell a whole pig. REALLY nice folks.

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    1. re: Allstonian

      A big second for Winrose.

      Used to buy half hogs from them regularly, and I still would if I could go through the meat quickly enough.

      1. re: mjg0725

        I would second the Stillmans recommendation. Their meats are outstanding and , as mentioned, very nice to deal with.

        1. re: pasta

          Third, but Blood Farm is also a very good second choice, and depending on how many butchering-size pigs Aidan and Kate Stillman have at the moment, likely the one you'll have to go with. Call Blood Farm (978.448.6669) and they'll be able to select and butcher to your specs, and they can smoke various bits as well: their bacon is so good we buy 10-15 pounds at a time and keep it in our freezer.

      2. Not sure if they are still taking orders for whole pigs, but Pete and Jen's Backyard Birds in Concord, MA. They also do packages of cuts for those for whom a whole pig isn't an option.

        1. If your friend is on the cape, they might look into farms around Dartmouth on the South Coast. There definitely are meat CSAs in the area. CSAs can usually refer you to other local farms. That said, there are limited USDA approved slaughterhouses which cater to small farms and at a reasonable price, so the pig might end up going through Blood Farm or somewhere in Northern RI. Butchered is not an issue, its a lot more complicated to negotiate getting a whole slaughter-weight pig. Note that a lot of times when farms sell a whole pig, they might keep one of the fresh hams and you'll get bacon and smoked hams (which you can't be guaranteed are the same pig) instead of those cuts. In any case, a good farm will give you some set of options for the butchering and those are agreed upon when you place your order.

          1. Great info so far - thanks so much everyone!