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Jul 28, 2009 09:26 AM

What's new and good in STL?

I'm planning to take the family to dinner for my wife's birthday next Tuesday and thought we'd try something new. We're not planning on a white linen-style meal but we certainly appreciate good quality ingredients and creative preparation. Not looking for any particular neighborhood, nor any particular type or ethnicity. I've just been a bit out of touch with what has happened on the restaurant scene recently.

Any ideas?

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    1. re: FriendOfTheDevil

      I love Niche, but I'm thinking of something somewhat less expensive. We also like Terrene very much (thanks, Balisong) and have done that for past birthdays. Anything that anyone has liked that's opened within the last 18 months?

    2. I've been eating at Terrene in the Central West End, on Sarah Street, just down the block from Scottish Arms. Great food. Small plates are around $8-12. Big plates are $20-35 range. All the ingredients are organic sustainable and pretty often local for the most part. But more importantly, the food is really good and satisfying. They have a great outdoor patio. It's nicer, but not jacket and tie nice.

      1. I like Franco. Go after dark and the place is fairly magical...

        Oops, you are taking family. The place is still nice before dark.

        1. We had an excellent family dinner a couple of months ago at Atlas -- generous portions, very good food, wonderful friendly service. Entrees are $20 to barely over, and the frito starter was tasty and easy to share. Not that new, but moderately priced and a very nice experience.

          1. Im probably too late but Melting Pot is my favorite date spot.