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Jul 28, 2009 09:21 AM

Gio Rana's (The Nose) - What to order?

Going to Gio Rana's tonight for first time. Tried to find their web-site to peruse the menu, but no luck.

Looking for suggestions as to what to order. I eat everything, my friend is a vegetarian.


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  1. It's been about a year since I was there, but I remember the meatball being good, the butternut squash canneloni with sage and I remember the fish and meat dishes being good (I don't remember specifics). I remember that the gnocchi was not good at all though - a few of us got it and we still talk about how bad it was ;)

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    1. re: pescatarian

      i agree with pescatarian about the gnocchi-not good.

      i like the crespelle-this is the squash canneloni, very decadent, as well as the brussel sprouts with pancetta and their rigatoni with tomato sauce.

      The involtini is not bad either if you like meat.

      if you're friend is vegetarian then the crespelle is a must. :)

    2. Was there last week and really enjoyed the pork tenderloin in walnut and onion sauce. I found the side potatoes dry and mealy though.

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        I remember having the pork tenderloin and it was very good. I love their beet salad with goat cheese.

      2. Thank you all! Love the suggestion especially the non-meat ones for my veggie friend. I'm quite the carnivore so it should be fun tonight as I'm open to ordering more meat free if only I could convince her that if it doesn't have legs it's veggie friendly....

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            Great meal last night at 'The Nose'! The restauarant has a great vibe and equally good food.

            My gf and I did some small plate sharing which was an excellent way to go as it allowed us to try multiple veggie friendly dishes.

            Will def'n go back, and partake in the Carne section of the menu. BTW - The Sexy Duck is now The Sexier Duck :) Not sure what the difference is, but i do plan on ordering it next visit.

            1. re: Mis_Understated

              The first chef at the Original Gio's location from the late 80's through the 90's was Rosa Marinuzzi who now is the co-owner of 7 Numbers, "Sexy Duck" is a menu staple at 7 numbers, one assumes it's basically the same dish. I don't know the story but one assumes that the "Sexier Duck" moniker is as a result of some friendly (or maybe not so friendly) rivalry between the two restos or one of the new chef's attempt to put their own stamp on a dish that they inherited from a predecessor and can't get rid of due to customer or owner insistence on it staying on the menu.

        1. I am considering going to Gio Rana's tonight. Can someone let me know if this is a "small plates" kind of place? If I order a pasta dish, is it entree sized or more of a starter size? Is it good value for your money?


          Gio Rana's
          1220 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M1L7, CA

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          1. re: ms. cornbread

            The pasta are sized as small entrees. We usually order a starter, a pasta, and a main to split between two people and end up stuffed.

          2. I was just there for the first time. Great atmosphere, food ok.
            We started off sharing a meatball which was nice, not the best I've ever had but certainly was tasty.
            I had 2 small pastas which I couldn't work my way through.
            The gnochi which was overly doughy and lacked any flavour and the parmesan risotto with sausage which was delicious but incredibly rich (as risottto can be)
            My hubbie had the braised short rib I believe with fried gnochi. He loved the meat but said the gnochi wasn't good. Friends had lamb which was the special and it looked delish.

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            1. re: Baelsette

              The pastas are small plates but you can order as a main course if you ask them. The crespelle is excellent, as is their brocolli dish. I never thought broccoli could taste soooo good. Sometimes they have either a lobster or fish special which is also very nice. Enjoy. The atmosphere is very lively. Fun place to hang.