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Jul 28, 2009 09:11 AM

North End Dinner with Kids?

Only in Boston 1 night with husband and daughters (10 & 8). Staying at the Fairmont Battery Wharf. We all love Italian, but are up for anything. Any suggestions?

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  1. Both Artu and Antico Forno are child friendly and you'll find enough menu choices to please everyone. You may also want to check out SeldeLaTerre over by Long Wharf.

    1. I find most of the casual North End restaurants are very friendly to families. Our favorites are Al Dente and Pagliucas. At Pagliuca's you're more likely to have to wait a while for a table. Have fun! Make sure you get pastries or gelato after dinner (Mike's, Modern, etc)

      1. My kids-- 8 and 10-- love the North End Daily Catch. Casual beyond belief and great pasta/seafood

        1. We go with our 3 year old to Trattoria Il Panino quite a bit. It's our standby in the North End. A big plus, besides the food, is that they have outdoor seating.