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Jul 28, 2009 08:50 AM

Good lunch options near Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore?

I've recently started working at JHH, and was wondering what people think are the best spots for a reasonably quick (at most 45 minutes), walking distance lunch. Let's exclude Fells Point from Aliceanna to Thames -- a bit too far to walk for quick lunch. Thanks!

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  1. Wordtraffic, the best lunch options lie outside the hospital's Subway/Flamers/Noble Romans/cafeteria complex. Head down E. Monument St to the Northeast Market. My SO and I enjoy the chicken and spicy squid at OK Oriental. The sesame chicken is moist and flavorful and comes with sides like kimchi, green beans, or bean sprouts. The spicy squid is only offered on select days, one of which is Fridays.

    On the way to NE Market, you also pass Hot Mustard. I usually order the bi bim bop. The hot sauce tastes a little too tomato-based for my liking, but there are a lot of vegetables, and it always tastes fresh. Their chicken teriyaki is also one of the best deals for lunch. I'm not sure why, but it includes an apple or chips and pop.

    ABC Sushi has decent but not great fish. However, I haven't been in awhile. They used to have good lunch specials on the rolls.

    I also like the souvlaki stand on the corner of E. Monument and Wolfe.

    If you are willing to walk, I've also been to Life of Reilly's, an Irish bar near the corner of Fairmont and Washington. I liked the sweet potato fries.