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Jul 28, 2009 08:46 AM

Groceries near Lakes on Eldridge Houston

Recently moved to LOE from Australia. I am used to buying Fruit and Vegies from a produce store, meat from a butcher and groceries from a grocery store (including international foods). Visited may a store in the area but I haven't been able to locate quality fruit and veg, or meat and the grocery stores don't seem to stock a diverse range of goods. Any idea's as to where I can go nearby. I really dont' want to have to go to a large number of specialty stores just a produce store, butcher and grocery store.

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  1. There is an HEB on Bunker Hill and 1-10 that has a great meat and seafood department, a nice produce department and a grocery store that has everything. The meat department has had prime ribeyes for 7.99 lately, plus fresh gulf shrimp 10-15 count for 6.99, and a wide variety of fish and shellfish.

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      And if that HEB still doesn't have goods that you are looking for, it's also not far from Super H-Mart on Blalock, in between Long Point and I-10.

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        Bingo. By the way, where the old Fiesta was on Blalock and I-10, there is new construction, and I heard it is a grocery coming in from the west coast, second hand info to be sure, but a new Asian market would be nice.

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          Can't believe I forgot to mention this. The new store going there is 99 Ranch Market's first store in Texas. This grocery chain from SoCal is easily better than any other Asian grocery we currently have.

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            Thanks, sounds awesome. With Super H Mart, the Korean Restaurants on Long Point, and now 99 Ranch Market, does that mean a third China/Asia town in Houston is in it's infancy?

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              Update on this: I heard the Houston location of 99 Ranch Market has opened. Anyone been yet?

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                I read your post and decided to go since I am 5 minutes away. It took almost as long to get in the parking lot, but I lucked out and found a parking space right away. They have valet parking, but I'm not sure if this a grand opening thing. The first thing that caught my eye was the whole roasted ducks for 14.99, beaks and all. They also have whole roasted chickens and glazed racks of spareribs. It's still a work in progress to some extent, there's a cafe opening soon inside, and the bank was full off cases of eggs, given away by the dozen on some promotion. The seafood section was mobbed, I was looking for a deal on lobster, but 8.99 a pound isn't my idea of one. They had the same 16-20 Gulf shrimp for 4.99 that I paid 6.99 for at HEB. I left and went to Kroger, which is being killed by HEB, for my regular groceries. Then I stopped at Super H and found a nice snapper at 4.99, a large Gulf snapper, not the small lane snapper for 6.99 at 99 Ranch. The lobster at Super H was 4.99. There was absolutely nobody in the seafood section at Super H, and the crazy thing was, they had country music on the whole time I was there. My advice is avoid 99 Ranch until the crowds die, and go to Super H for your Asian fix.

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            Grocery coming in from the west coast makes me think Trader Joe's...

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          Also, if you need a closer HEB, there is the one at Kirkwood and Westheimer. Decent produce section - can't speak to their meat section as I don't usually buy it - but there is a good selection of international items which may even have some Australian goods.

        3. Thanks for the leads: will head out to both HEB Bunkerhill and Super H at Blalock on the weekend and check it our. Cheers.

          1. I live in Cypress, Tx. (close to where you are) and wanted to let you know that there are several private farms in the area. There is an organic farm on FM 2920 at Park Road in Tomball as well. You should be able to find the freshest vegetables within season at these locations. If you "Google" fruit and vegetable farms+Cypress, Texas", you should get a list of them.

            1. For produce and meat, I'd recommend Georgia's Farm to Market, which is on the eastbound side of the I-10 feeder, near Dairy Ashford. Wednesdays and Thursdays they have a farmers' market in the store, the remainder of the week they stock a fairly normal produce selection.

              Georgia's also stocks natural (hormone-free, free-range, all-natural) beef, chicken and pork from their own processing facility. Quality on the beef and chicken that I've tried has been excellent.

              The remainder of the store is similar to a Whole Foods, but they seem a little cheaper. They also have a lunch and dinner salad and soup bar, should you wish to eat at the store.


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                When this was still Sandy's, (and Seeker's before that), and I lived a little closer, I used to go here all of the time.

                Frankly, I had forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder.