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Plan B for Babbo?


We have an 11:15 reservation for 2 at Babbo on Thursday night, and are considering other options. I'll call tomorrow and Thursday in search of cancellations, and if nothing surfaces, we'll give the walk-in option a try (although we likely won't be able to make it there until 7:30 or 8:00, so I imagine it will be difficult to get a walk-in at that time, no?).

So I'm wondering if anybody has recommendations for a good Plan B in the neighborhood. If we get to Babbo and it doesn't look like we'll be able to get a walk-in, what is the best option in the neighborhood to try?

Thanks for the help.

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      Thanks very much. Recommendations for cuisine other than Italian are welcome as well... we're more interested in a great meal than specific cuisine.

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          Chef Shea Gallante has left Cru, and there's been no word on a replacement. I'd steer clear.

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          I had a wonderful experience at Pearl Oyster Bar, only a short walk away. Great lobster rolls, oysters, and fried oysters. They don't take reservations, but it's close enough to pop in and check.

      1. 11:15 is mighty late to be eating a carb heavy meal like most do at Babbo!

        Blue Hill is right around the block from Babbo and has great food.

        Our all-time favorite restaurant in the Village is El Charro on Charles and Greenwich Ave. Not in the price range of Babbo, but has great Spanish food and superior service.

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          Blue Hill is very popular these days, though, especially after President Obama dined there -- so they may also be fully booked.

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            It's not *too* bad. We were able to book at 9:30 dinner there on a Friday night, with only a day's notice.

        2. I would say if you strike out at the bar for Babbo you should try walking into Blue Hill. If that fails I would get a cocktail and head back to Babbo for your reservation.

          1. Blue Hill is great. I really like Commerce, too.

            Lupa is good. Ushi Wakamaru for sushi.

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              Lupa also has long waits, too. And I've seen Ushiwakamaru turn people away if they didn't have a reservation.

            2. Thanks for all the help. What about the Spotted Pig? Will I have any luck getting a reservation there on short notice?

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                There are no reservations at The Spotted Pig.

              2. Thanks everybody. We got a reservation for the Commerce. We'll try the walk-in at Babbo, and if it's looking bleak we may swing by the Spotted Pig and try our luck there before heading over to the Commerce. Should be a fun evening.

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                  i really really wouldn't bother with the Spotted Pig: a waste of time, and sure to have even a longer wait than Babbo...

                  imo, you should go the bar/walk-in area at Scarpetta instead of all of the above

                2. Gusto would work nicely. I've been there 3 times in the last 2 years and every meal has been terrific. I just checked Opentable and there's an 8:30 slot for two available. I'd grab it if I were you. You really don't want to be traipsing all over the Village on a muggy night without a reservation.


                  Haven Restaurant
                  1441 1441 Dresden Drive Suite 160, Atlanta, GA 30319

                  1. Blue Ribbon Bakery and Blue Ribbon Brasserie are solid options and not too far away. You should be able to walk into both without any / much of a wait on a Thursday. Neither takes reservations for groups smaller than five.

                    Mas (French) and Soto (Japanese) are also good and doable on short notice (but are a bit pricier than Babbo and the Blue Ribbons). Mercadito Grove is a very different restaurant than all of these -- less expensive, more casual -- but it serves good drinks, ceviches and fish tacos.

                    If you just want a place to kick back with cocktails and bar nibbles before your reservation at Babbo, look into Pegu Club or Employees Only. The margaritas at Agave are pretty good, but I personally would not eat anything there except for a small snack. Little Branch has excellent cocktails, but no food -- and actual opening times vary a lot, despite the written schedule. Doors *should* be unlocked by around 8 p.m.

                    [About four years ago, it would've been possible to walk into Babbo without a reservation at 7:30 or 8, but from what I understand, that's no longer the case.]

                    1. I could never eat that late wow!

                      1. Thanks for all the help, everybody. We actually lucked out and got one of the walk-ins at Babbo at about 6:15. We sat for a few hours and the tables constantly turned over, so it was a complete stroke of luck that we got the table.

                        It worked out great, though, and we were very happy with the meal.

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                          We have an 11:15 reservation as well there this coming Saturday. From your post it doesn't sound as though we'll be that lucky to get something earlier.