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Jul 28, 2009 08:38 AM

Fulton Market Burger

My friend passed by and gave me a coupon. It had two restaurants on it, one of them I recognized as AppleJack's which I have been to once or twice which is standard western chow. The other caught my attention because it said Fulton Market Burger which got me thinking. Another burger joint franchise???

If you look up their info on the web, it sounds like they have been to few places in US searching for the perfect burger but still eventually I won't be able to differ between a Lick's Homeburger, or Harvey's Angus, or A&W's Angus, CraftBurger, etc...

Anyone has info on this place? Worth a try or not?

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  1. Theres some discussion about it here:

    They actually had someone sign up in that thread just to "schill" the place so it's lost all credibility for me. I've only been once but thought it was extremely average.. They should call it 'Frozen Market Burger" because I'm pretty sure EVERYTHING on their menu comes out of the deep freeze

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      Thanks Duckdown. I had a feeling it wasn't worth a trip. I didn't exactly like AppleJack's in the first place. I wonder why businesses are still willing to introduce high-priced low value restaurants in a slow economy. Super risky minded executives, spend first think second.

      I rather go to harvey's especially the few times I went, they have always had either good value coupons for their angus or a receipt for free burger on next visit.