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Jul 28, 2009 08:37 AM

Pls help - Sesuit Cafe

I'm a CH newbie, so would really appreciate any help on this. We're going to the Cape this week and I've seen lots of recommendations and even driving directions for Sesuit Cafe. Does anyone have the actual address to the place? When I google it, it gives me an address that doesn't look anywhere close to a harbor. Thanks!

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  1. Funny, I just googled it and see what you mean. Try googling Dennis Yatch Club and you'll get an address of "4 Harbor Rd, East Dennis, MA‎ " Sesuit Cafe is on the right just before the yatch club. You'll pull into the marina parking lot and you'll see a parking lot attendant who'll direct you on parking. Enjoy.

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      Avoid weekends..u will fight for parking with the tons of boat owners and Sesuit Cafe guests. I had a problem early June and my family went last weekend and it was MOBBED

    2. When you arrive at the intersection of 6A and 134, follow the signs north to the harbor. If I remember correctly, once you reach the harbor you want to take the second right into the parking lot. The restaurant is listed on the large sign. You'll probably see a crowd.

      Four of us went Friday night of July 4th weekend. We arrived about 6.00 pm, placed our order after short wait, and took number 24. Outside, we found ourselves looking for a table along with about 20 other people. They were calling for number 73 to pick up their food. Good thing we brought beer.

      After about 45 minutes, we took a seat. Maybe 1/2 an hour later they called our number. Our evening was over about 9.00.

      The food was good. The seating area is comfortable; you might wind up sharing a table. And the view is terrific. You cannot be on any kind of schedule. Bring your own beer or wine or whatever and be prepared to relax.

      PS. That cake in the cooler? $8.00. Watch out.

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        Yes, I've heard a few people complain about the long waits for food now that they've added more tables outside. I was there a few weeks ago and was quite disappointed by my clam plate. I love big bellies but these bordered on the ridiculous. They were absolutely huge so the entire clam plate consisted of 6 clams and some god-awful limp and cold french fries. I'm hoping it was just an off day.

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          I have an issue with the lobster rolls. Mine always appear smaller than anyone elses I swear. Mom thinks rolls alone are smaller portions than roll plates?? Dunno..3 hours, no way would I wait so long..

          1. re: phelana

            Oh yeah, the clam plate portions. Forgot to mention that. I ordered the half platter. I remember counting seven clams on the plate. They were good, but there were only seven of them. The fries were good, too.

            A three hour evening does seem a bit long, but we were into it. It was Fourth of July weekend, after all. It was probably a mob scene everywhere.

            I'd go back.

      2. Here's the trick - we went for lunch back in May. It was not crowded at all - we waited at the counter for our lobster roll plates, and then had our pick of outside picnic tables overlooking Sesuit Harbor. Our lobster rolls were so piled with big chunks of fresh sweet lobster that we had to start with forks! Everything at that time of year was cooked fresh and to order. We even had plenty of room to park our Roadtrek RV.

        Here's what we do when we are on the road - always have our big meal at lunch! Not only are prices usually lower, but the portions are always adequate for us non-gluttons, and the crowds usually non-existent.

        BTW, back on the Cape last week - we had a great lunch for 8 at the Marshside in Dennis, right on the way to the Harbor...

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        1. re: Injun Joe

          It does turn into a zoo in the summertime (for dinner). Last summer we had a very similiar experience to Seaville, it was mid-week August. About an hour wait for a table, jocking for position with others doing the same, another hour for the food. It was dark when the food finally came out and I have this thing about seeing the food I eat... Honestly we won't go back on a summer night anytime soon - but I love the lunch idea!They do make wonderful onion rings....

          1. re: mohotta

            This is awesome! thank you CH for all the help. We leave tomorrow so can't wait!!!

            1. re: zswaps

              anyone know if the Sesuit Cafe is over after Labor Day? I tried calling yesterday and got no answer, but thought it might be open on weekends in Sept?

              1. re: southiesouthend

                Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner until 10/12. We were ther again early this week, again for lunch. The first day it was packed with tour bus customers, so we bought some sandwiches at Dennis Public Market and went back for a picnic at the boat access across the Harbor. We just missed seeing the manatee that was visiting the Harbors last week! The Lobster Rolls were huge and delicious - had to eat half of the lobster with a fork before I could even think of picking up the roll!