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Jul 28, 2009 08:11 AM

Best of Orlando 2009 - Food and Drink

I know I'm a tad late on this but what do you think of the Orlando weekly's Best of edition Food and Drink Category?
If you didnt get the paper here is the link on their website.

My problem really isn't with the Weekly's picks it's the readers poll that drives me nuts. I wish the Orlando weekly would just omit all national chains from the poll.

The best of Orlando should be specfic to Orlando and should be places that you can't go to anywhere else, or at the very list be florida specific.

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  1. That list is horrible. Not much I agree with. I'm shocked the readers didn't pick Olive Garden or something as the best Italian, lol.

    1. Agreed. No national chains anyway. I think local chains should be allowed, because sometimes they reason they become chains is because they are tremendously good.

      1. Agree completely but you know the national chains have advertising budgets. Figure newspapers are hurting pretty bad these days!

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          FWIW, those reader's ballots are actual tabulated reader votes. No money is changing hands. (At least, not into the Weekly's hands.) And omitting the national chains wouldn't really be fair — if that's what people vote for, that's what wins.