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Jul 28, 2009 07:54 AM

Restaurant in New Haven for lunch near Yale Physicians Building on Howard Avenue

Can anyone recommend a couple of really good lunch places near the Yale Physicians Building at 800 Howard Avenue? I'd prefer to avoid Asian food, but I'm open to all suggestions.

Thank you very much!!

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  1. L'Oricos 806 State Street Italian, has beautiful outdoor dining

    Soul de Cuba 283 crown st

    1. The area immediately around Howard Ave is a bit dicey. Nothing "nice" around there and lots of hospital workers stick to the cafeteria or lunch carts. Your best bet for a nice lunch restaurant is about 4 or so blocks away on College Street called Pacifico. Lunch served Tu-Fr only. Dinner 7 days a week.

      1. You will have to walk 6-8 blocks or so, but on Orange St you have Royal Palace very good Chinese, Thali excellent Indian, and then a block or so more Bentara Malaysian. There is also a Japanese place on the corner, while I have never eaten there it has gotten good reviews.

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        1. re: mmalmad

          Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, Japanese............WHY?
          The OP said she wishes to avoid Asian..............................................

          Lots of Good Italian in New Haven, nothing close to 800 Howard.

          Take the shuttle from the hospital to the green and have a world of choice.

        2. Folks. Let's try to be true to the OP. L'Orico is by no means near Howard Ave. Heck, if you use Howard Ave as the center point and want to draw a circle broad enough to capture L'Orico, you might as well name every restaurant in New Haven.

          As for the other post, the OP wants to avoid Asian food and all you suggest is....Asian food.

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          1. re: FoodieJim

            Sorry my dyslexia kicked in, I read it as prefer Asian! my bad.
            OK so never mind those recommendations, Pacifico is very good, next door to that is Istanbul Cafe, Bar (try the white clam pizza) Barcelona is another block down Crown on Temple, where you have a number of places but then you are getting into longer walks and on street parking is next to impossible

            1. re: mmalmad

              mmalmad, that was kind of funny.

              A recent thread has some good recs - mixed in with a lot of Asian recs - in the hospital neighborhood.

              I also like Istanbul Cafe, on Crown, a bit down from Bar and Geronimo's.

            2. re: FoodieJim

              L'Orico. Perfect for a 3 hour lunch!

              In the spirit of FoodieJim, Istanbul Cafe isn't my all time favorite New Haven destination. It's a compromise of lunch, location and non-Asian cuisine . . .

            3. Prime 16 on Temple Street.
              for the best burgers and homemade chips you will ever eat. Sorry it is not walking distance from YPB, via bike or shuttle OK.
              Search boards for specific reviews on it.
              And some of the food carts near YPB are incredible; ask the interns and residents!