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Jul 28, 2009 07:53 AM

ONE night only

doing a roadtrip from DC to Houston and stopping over in NOLA for just one-night. after reading all the posts i've so far only decided to:
- pre-dinner snack at Mr. B's for bbq shrimp
- tuesday breakfast at cafe du monde

most recommendations on previous posts seem that the case in NOLA...prices at Brennan's, Commander's and Dante's aren't really what i'm willing to pay (unless you really feel is THAT amazing). I think Cochon may be closer to my price range...

with that said, my bf and i usually like local eateries (hidden somewhere, don't care about the decoration and just care about the long as we're safe)...any ideas?

p.s. is brennan's the same restaurant that was in houston but burnt down?

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    check out the COOLinary menus to see if there is something in your price range.

    or go to:
    and look at the restaurant list for New Orleans. you can buy a certificate for $25 for $10. I just bought some for $2 w/the code word "napkin" at checkout. believe Coquette and ONE are still on the list of choices.