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Jul 28, 2009 07:39 AM

Le Creuset

I've got my eye on a 15.5 quart oval French oven by Le Creuset. I know it would get plenty of use in my household and I know it will last forever. I've just got a bit of sticker shock over the $500 price tag. I've looked on Ebay for a deal on a used one but no luck.

Does anybody have this model? Is it worth the price tag? Is it all that it is cracked up to be and more?

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  1. I have a friend with the size just smaller than that one. Other than the fact that it is very heavy, expecially when filled, she loves it.

    I guess the answer about whether it is worth it depends upon what you are planning to do with it. You say "plenty of use" -- so I imagine that you are using one or more pots now for these tasks. Are you making stock, braising in the oven or stove top, or other? If your primary function is stock making, I would suggest a decent stockpot made of stainless steel. rather than this expensive and large pot. That would cost a fraction of this cost even if you chose a very high end ss stockpot. If you are using other pots less suited to the task of braising, then I would say that it is worth it. Just my 2 cents.

    1. 15.5 quart? That's huge. The biggest they have listed on their website is 13 quart.

      I have 3 of them and the one I use the most is the 7 quart.

      They are very well worth the price. You'll be turning them over to your grandkids one day. My mother has one she got as a wedding present 50+ years ago.

      Never pay full price, though. LC has outlet stores that sell for cheap. Plus they are always on sale at Bloomies and on the internet. TJ Maxx and Marshals often sell them for cheap too.

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        I just got hold of an outlet store near my house that has the 15.5 quart oven for $415. It's a little easier to swallow than the $500 I saw earlier. Still tough to pull the trigger on it though.

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          if you don't care about the color- ask to be put on their mailing list- they often send 35% off coupons - or just ask on the phone when the next sale will be.. would be well worth it in this case

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            As querty78 advises, you absolutely should get on their mailing list. You will get a heads-up post card on all upcoming sales and, in my experience, it's worth an extra 10% off the regular sale prices.

        2. Le Crueset is expensive, no way around that. Perhaps a story is illustrative.

          I have a terrine by Le Crueset that was my grandmother's, then my mother's and now mine. It would have prepared thousands of baked dishes, including terrines, meatloaves, roasted vegetables and gratins.

          It's a really pretty yellow and is a joy to use and serve from. It was purchased in the 40s by my grandmother who was very glamarous and quite the hostess.

          So it works beautifully and it has a richness and elegance and a history that makes it an iconic part of the family lore. This would not be possible with a lesser quality item and makes the original cost of it a total irrelevance.

          After nearly 70 years of continuous use, i think the yellow may have been slightly brighter when she purchased it, but other than that, no imperfections.

          They really are the best, if you can afford one, buy one and if you can't, wait until you can.

          1. That's a monster. You could buy a cast iron enameled bathtub for less than that...LOL! That must weigh 50-55 pounds when full with each qt. weighing 2 lbs., and then the weight of the pot itself.

            1. I am not sure where you are located but I purchased mine for less than $300 US (not much different CDN with the exchange at the Le Creuset outlet store in Port Huron. I absolutely love it and use it often. Definitely worth the money but as you can see I purchased it for less. They called it a second but the only flaw is a little blemish under the lid. The service is fantastic and the girls that work there are friendly and will go out of their way to assist.

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                So just out of curiosity what do you cook in that size LC?

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                  I have a huge Italian family and when we sit down to dinner there is about 50-60 of us sometimes more with boyfriends and girlfriends. I do my tomato sauce in it, I do stock, I do roasts, I use it for many things when I get the group together. I couldn't live without it!