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Jul 28, 2009 07:16 AM

Colori Kitchen or Drago Centro for business lunch?

I've read great things about Colori Kitchen but am curious about the atmosphere around lunchtime. Any thoughts on this vs. Drago Centro (or other recommendations) for a two person discussion-oriented business lunch? We'd need a relatively quiet table and I'm curious about acoustics. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I would probably go with Drago. Colori is much more casual(though not insanely loud or anyuthing), don't know if it's particularly conducive to serious business discussion.

    1. Colori is very very casual - as in shorts & flip flops casual. The food is just ok and service can be spotty and also very casual - which may be ok for the flip flop crowd but perhaps not for a business lunch,

      1. Drago.

        If we were talking cars, and you asked which one you should take to your prom, Drago would be like the limo, while Colori would be like the Honda Accord.

        Nothing wrong with the Accord -- nice design, good mileage, dependable -- but not something you want to arrive at the prom with.

        1. Don't forget to include Chaya Downtown in the conversation.

          1. While I like Colori, they're neither quiet at lunch, nor are they a place to take new biz contacts you are trying to impress.

            If you want a similar degree of informality, but a little more polished, and the possibility of hearing yourself think, you might consider Liberty Grill. The twin cheap Italian pasta places, Olive (on Olive) and pasta Primavera have both been so, well, "quiet" the last few times I've been that I'm worried about their viability.

            If you're counting Drago Centro in your price range (and you're talking, if not an actual different number of digits than Colori, close to it; last time I ate at Colori, some of their lunch entrees still bubbled under $10; you can't even really get a salad at Drago for that) there's a number of very good places downtown, ranging from the Water Grill and Patina at the top end, down through Zucca, Pinot Bistro (NOT particularly quiet) Engine Co., the restaurants at the Standard and Checkers, the new Latin places (Provecho and Rivera) etc.