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Jul 28, 2009 06:54 AM

Dorado opens tomorrow! (7/29)

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  1. Yeah, I just got bombed with updates on both Twitter and Facebook about this. Looks like the first of several new Mexican restaurants opening in Brookline....

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    1. re: hiddenboston

      Yeah...there's gonna be some sort of shakeout. I doubt they'll all survive.
      May the tastiest taquerias remain.

      1. re: Ralphie_in_Boston

        If the fish tacos at Dorado are as good as they were at Cafe D (and there's no reason why they shouldn't be), the reopened El Pelon won't stand a chance.

        1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

          Whatever your opinion on the merits of the respective fish tacos, El Pelon has a much broader menu than just fish tacos and will be located in a totally different section of Brookline over 1 mile away from Dorado. I have faith that El Pelon stands a chance, I am so sick of Anna's undercooked beans, dried out carnitas and water gushing burritos with that gummy steamed tortilla.

          Any fellow elderly hounds recall TJ's Taqueria on Washington Street? Man I loved that place; burritos were so good I would always buy 1 extra to take home.

          1. re: PaulB

            I remember that place fondly. They were slow, slow, slow -- but the quality of the food was miles ahead of what you get from Anna's or Boca Grande. In those days, my only burrito-eating experience was from visits to my sister in San Francisco, and I thought that TJ's compared favorably with (if it didn't equal) the burritos I had eaten in the Mission District. I wonder what ever happened to him? He was a little skittish, as I recall. One night he just bugged out and we got to spend a hungry-but-amusing half-hour watching his parents and a few of their middle-aged friends try to run the place.

            1. re: PaulB

              Was that Wash St. in Brighton?If it was, then that's where I had my first Mexican meal, and it was a fantastic place (...and I'm not elderl, btw!!!)

            2. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

              I have to agree with PaulB that the fish tacos aren't the essential item for Pelon....I've stood in line many times there and have been the only one (within earshot) to order fish tacos. By my (extremely) unscientific calculations I'd say fish tacos were maybe their 4th or 5th most popular item.

              When I mentioned "shakeout" I was referring to one of the multiple Anna's in Coolidge Corner, the Boca Grande there suffering.

            3. re: Ralphie_in_Boston

              And for diners, definitely a win-win situation shaping up!

          2. Anyone know when the new El Pelon in Brookline is slated to open?

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            1. re: nightsky

              I don't think there is a specific date, but it will be sometime in the fall.

            2. I'm almost hoping they don't get their license today (their Facebook page says that they're still waiting on the final permits apparently) as I've got a KO Prime Rib dinner planned tonight and just had a pastrami sub from Speed's. That way, I won't feel like I missed out.

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              1. re: avial

                They got the license and are opening at 5pm!

                I can't make it either I'll be there for lunch tomorrow.

              2. Anyone tried it yet? I'm very curious to hear about the food.

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                1. re: nsenada

                  I almost went, but was worried about lines. And I did hear there were long lines there last night.

                  1. re: nsenada

                    I'm going around 1:30-2ish. Will report back.

                    1. re: nsenada

                      I thought it was just okay. Fish tacos good, but tortillas too thick and dry. Could have just gone with one instead of traditional 2. Also, cemita missing any chipotle in adobo flavor and the counter guy wouldn't give us any. Not as crushed as I expected.

                      1. re: yumyum

                        I agree, Fish taco's were definitely the highlight, but as mentioned the tortilla was off.

                        The Cemita was okay and my main issue was the Pork was way overcooked and tough. I hope they iron out the issues soon.

                        1. re: Matt H

                          Thanks for the reports - I noticed on Yelp that the wait was pretty horrendous as well. Maybe I'll let the lines die down (and the tortillas improve) a little before trying it out.

                      2. re: nsenada

                        I concur with some of the points that have already been made and have some observations of my own:
                        1. The fish in the fish taco is great (tried Ensenada and Dorado)
                        2. Tortillas need to be heated longer so that they are softer and more pliable, or they need to make thinner tortillas. As they are served now, they are rubbery and hard to chew threw unless you've let them soak in juices/sauce.
                        3. The accompanying fillings in the tacos need a boost, more pico de gallo, more slaw, more guac, whatever. (tried steak, chorizo)
                        4. Cemita (milanesa/pork) was a huge disappointment and a mere shadow of cemitas that I've had in Puebla. Very little amount of quesillo cheese, no pickled veggies on the sandwich (you can get them as a side for $1.49 or $1.59 I think) and I could only taste the bun, the pork loin and the guac. The pork loin was way too thick and a bit overfried and thus a bit dried out. The bun is probably the one change I like in that it is not as thick and dense as the cemita buns that I have had in Mexico and thus a lot easier to eat. At the end of the day though, just the fillings in a proper cemita in Puebla when squished down as much as it can be is still taller than an unsquished cemita at Dorado. This change in the proportions of the fillings ruins the cemita and turns it into something mundane.

                        1. re: avial

                          The fish in the Ensenada taco was great. I agree about the tortillas - they each came with 2 small ones, but I used only one and threw away the other. I got a plate - 2 tacos, the Ensenada and the chorizo, which wasn't bad. It came with rice (okay) and black beans (great!) and was garnished with a roasted pepper that was tasty. I really liked the Elote - grilled ear of corn with chile, lime and cotija cheese. It was the first time I've had it, and I'd get it again. It was more than I'd usually get for lunch but wanted to try as much as I could.

                          One final caveat - the place wasn't busy (before 12 noon), but it took 10 minutes to get the food. So it's not fast food, but it's been open less than a day and I'm happy to have Doug Oran back in business.

                          1. re: Dontwannatellyou

                            Thanks for reminding me about a few things:
                            1. I did get a rice plate with 2 of the tacos. The rice was reasonably flavored but was undercooked not to the point where it might be mealy but significantly 'al dente'.
                            2. Beans had excellent flavor, no faulting them here.
                            3. Elote was tasty though my DCs immediately noticed upon their first bite that it lacked lime flavor for some reason and had to go up to the counter to ask for some and was given a single measly wedge.
                            4. Later on when I ordered two additional tacos, I was only given one lime wedge, nay, lime slice, with a Ensenada taco but not the chorizo taco which I found odd given that limes are a table-side staple in taco joints. I suppose the economics of the restaurant biz here in the Boston area and in the US in general is bit a rough but going cheap on the lime wedges just seems lame and backwards when you run a taco joint.
                            5. Lastly, I went around 1:30pm today with 2 friends and when we got there, there were about 10 patrons in various stages of their consumer experience - just ordered, eating and ordering. For those that had just ordered, it took about 10 minutes to get food out and it consisted as others have noted, just tacos. Our order took about 20 minutes to get out - 2 elote ears, 1 dorados taco plate, 2 steak tacos, 1 milanesa cemita.

                          2. re: avial

                            Agree to at T with your assessment, avial.

                            The chorizo cemita fared a little better, as it was at least moist and flavourful.

                            Fresh papalo adds a distinghuising flavour to the cemita which has been etched in my mind, so no cemita without it really ever matches up. I can't really fault them for this though, as fresh papalo isn't easy to come by.

                            They are starting out with a poor tortilla, so doubling up doubles the displeasure. Not sure there is much they can do to rescuscitate these things. Maybe use one and dunk it in oil. Or BYOT.

                            1. re: Nab

                              The only other thing I might add, which I don't think has been said, is that IMO the fish tacos are grossly overpriced. $2.49 might be right for two tacos of that size, which basically consist of a small single nugget of fish. Which also reminds me that their ratio of fish to tortilla is also quite off-balance. Pack in enough fish and pico and crema and what have you, and I might start forgetting about the tortilla.

                              Okay, I'm done. I wish Dorado well. And I'll also go back to my original personal policy of never visiting a restaurant in its opening month, let alone day.

                              1. re: Nab

                                a family member of mine who went there agrees with your observation that the tacos have very little fish in them, and what was there was largely batter

                          3. re: nsenada

                            I went Saturday and it was horrible. My friend and I got a chorizo and a swordfish taco each was a bit more than $2.50.

                            The swordfish was flavorless, the chorizo was over spiced. Both were sadly dressed and quite small.

                            If Boston had better taste in Mexican food this place wouldn't stand a chance, but considering Anna's is considered "Rey" here it will probably get rave reviews and make a killing.

                          4. I agree about the preliminary tortilla thoughts.
                            Here are some pictures: