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Jul 28, 2009 06:38 AM

Chilled Soups and other Refreshing Summer Food?

Has anyone had any especially good chilled cucumber (or other) soups and tasty cold summer foods? Trying to orchestrate some "farewell dinners" around health, summer produce, cool temperatures, and flavor.


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  1. I went to NY twice in July this year and on my first trip I had dinner twice at Picholine because of their white gazpacho. It was so good that I went back for more during the same week! It has shrimp and a tomato granite and they pour the cold liquid over that. The liquid is made from crushed almonds, bread, cucumber and grapes crushed also. It is divine!

    I went back 2 weeks later and had dinner at Marc Forgione in Tribeca. They also serve a white gazpacho. It was excellent but a bit less than the one at Picholine.

    I saw that they serve one also at the Standard grill but did not get around to tasting this one.

    1. I really like the gazpacho at Despana.

      1. I had a really nice cucumber soup at Fig & Olive last summer. I don't know if it is the menu this summer but they always offer different kinds of chilled soups during the summer.

        1. lovely gazpacho (classic tomato with shrimp) at Cafe 202 a couple of weeks ago