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Jul 28, 2009 06:18 AM

Asheville Sunday/ Monday- regional


I am a foodie spending Sunday and Monday of next week in Asheville. I am doing Tupelo Honey for breakfast on Tuesday morning before I drive to Boone but I need places to eat on Sunday and Monday.

LOCAL or REGIONAL only please. I live in NY and spend lots of time in other big cities so I am not interested in gourmet, or Italian or French or anything like that.

I have already heard that this is not the part of the state for BBQ but I don't mind trying it- it has to be better than what I get at home. I have had brisket in Texas and loved it but need to try NC style.

Please also recommend local specialties e.g. desserts or fruits or street food that cannot be found outside of North Carolina or outside of the region.

Thanks so much!


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  1. For Monday lunch, hit 12 Bones for bbq. You might also try Corner Kitchen, Zambra, Stovetrotters (not open on Sunday) or Laughing Seed. You might also consider doing a second meal at TP.

    1. I second bbqdawg's suggestion of 12 Bones. And, although their brisket is good, the blueberry chipotle ribs are incredible. For sides stick to collards and the potatoes or grits. They do have some misses where sides are concerned (mac and cheese and some of their slaws/salads). Tupelo is good, but so is Early Girl which is just the next street over.

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        Lots of posts on Asheville, you should also try a search. 12 Bones is great - not open on Sunday. I think all the sides are need to stick to anything, IMO. Their corn puddings is especially great. Get to Tupelo early - not sure if there is a wait during the week but there is always a line out the door before they open on weekends. I think Sunny Point in West Asheville describes exactly what you are looking for in terms of local flavor. The Admiral is excellent for small plates in a funky dive-bar setting. Laughing Seed is vegetarian, very "Asheville" and has an excellent Sunday brunch. If you like Indian, Mela is also very good. All of these choices are excellent but not "gourmet" or fine dining like you may find in a big city.

        1. re: miss piggy

          I agree w/ miss piggy's comments. I would certainly get the ribs at 12 bones, they are exceptional and the pulled pork is merely very good. Love the corn pudding.

          Sunny Point, Laughing Seed, also good choices. Ultimate ice cream on tunnel road, or have some at Two Scoops in West Asheville (convenient to Sunny Point)...get the Mocha Stout.

          I think there is a Sunday tailgate market at Greenlife (grocery store...pick up a Local food guide) that should give you a look at fresh local fruits and cheeses.