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Jul 28, 2009 06:03 AM

Sinplicity Cafe in Crystal City: Still Open?

Sinplicity ice cream is made in Falls Church and sold in Balducci's along with a number of restaurants in the D. C. area as well as New York. In 2004 the chef who founded this opened a cafe in Crystal City featuring his ice cream and sorbet along with other dishes. Does anyone know if this is still open?

FWIW, Sinplicity ice cream is the best ice cream that I've found in a freezer case anywhere. It is well worth the $6.00 a pint. I am curious for how good it might be if hand scooped in a store.

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  1. There is a Crystal City address on - 507 23rd St. South, Arlington, VA, 22202, (703) 892-1400

    However, this address appears to be the same as for Cafe Piazziola, and, if you look on Google Street View, it doesn't look as if there are two businesses in the same building.

    1. It's not listed on the "Where to find it" page of the Sinplicity web site, so my guess is that it's not there any longer.

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        This is really a shame since this place has phenominal packaged ice cream. Easily better than Moorenko's, Gifford's, Thomas Sweet or any other in our area. But looking at the few posts about it dating to '04 on here it never received any publicity and really fell underneath everyone's radar.

        Today, it is a packaged ice cream that is the absolute best in any dairy case. I first tasted this as one of four different pints of ice cream/gelato that I bought which included a gelato from Philly whose name I forget but was $10 a pint and a REAL disappointment. Gifford's (today's Gifford's which has nothing in common with the original I grew up with), Moorenko's-none compared to Sinplicity.

        I make ice cream with a White Mountain freezer, rock salt and ice along with Lewes Dairy heavy cream, cream top milk and Vermont butter. I believe I know what really good ice cream tastes like. Sinplicity is excellent. I would really like to taste it when it is freshly scooped from a large canister.

        1. re: Joe H

          I've just stumbled across this. I'm the owner of Sinplicitiy and am extremely gratified by the kind words from all of you. The cafe died a horrible death, primarily due to the parking situation. Extremely expensive real estate lesson: People just aren't willing to struggle for a parking space to get a scoop of ice cream or cup of Joe, no matter how good it is.

          We're still around at farmers markets (Falls Church, Old Town and Reston) and at the Balduccis and the Whole Foods in Old Town.

          We're saving our pennies for a new scoop shop (in a better location) and plan to be back some day soon. Thanks for remembering us.

          10323 Old Georgetown Rd, Bethesda, MD 20814

          1. re: Leland Dean

            I really can't say how much I love your ice-cream that I get from time to time from Balducci's. Never knew you had a store, but will be glad to visit wen u do open one. Keep folks on this forum informed :)

            600 Franklin St, Alexandria, VA 22314

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Nice to know about this product, I will keep in in mind when I'm at the farmer's market