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Where to eat after visiting Boston University?

My son and I will be visiting Boston University, and I am looking for a good place to have dinner before we head to the airport.

We are willing to walk or take public transportation, so I guess we can venture away from the University area. We're not at all familiar with Boston.

We are finished at BU at 3 pm, and our flight home is at 9:00 pm.

We love good food, and aren' t picky eaters, so we are open to suggestions!


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  1. bu has a ginormous campus, but is on the green line, so you have easy access to many areas of the city.

    might want to help us help you with a price point, preferred cuisines, day of week you'll be here, etc. there is a huge diversity of ethnic restaurants in allston that are inexpensive. you can easily get to the north end for italian, or explore east boston (where the airport is) which has a wide variety of latin american places. both eastie and the north end are very walkable.

    1. You should do a search to find one of the many threads about Allston, which is pretty much entirely accessible on the B line from BU.

      1. if you want to venture to the "pretty" part of Boston and aren't concerned about price point, I'd suggest you have dinner at L'Espalier in the Back Bay, accessible by Green line train from BU to Copley Square. You can explore the Back Bay and the Commons Garden which is lovely this time of year. Closer to the Commons and on Green Line at Arlington Station, less formal and expensive, try the Parish Cafe (you can eat outside too and watch Boston pass. If you are baseball fans and want to take a peek at Fenway, take the green line to Kenmore and eat at Eastern Standard Kitchen: lots to choose from both formal and less so. If you want a sense of the great if gritty Brighton environment that is BU, full of good small ethnic restaurants, try Jo Jo Taipei for Chinese (on Brighton Avenue) or Soulfire for Barbecue (on Harvard Street) or Carlos Cucina for italian (on Brighton Street). Enjoy Boston.

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          L'Espalier, though delicious, is about as high-end as Boston dining gets, and while it does not have a formal dress code you'd likely feel a bit out of place in casual college-visiting outfits (it's also VERY pricey).

          I do go along with the recommendation for Eastern Standard, which is walking distance from BU, just a few blocks down Comm Ave in Kenmore Square. The food is very good and moderately adventurous (check out their Offal of the Day special) and the atmosphere is lively with a pretty eclectic crowd. From your schedule it sounds like you'll need to hit the very beginning of the dinner hour, at which time you should be able to walk into just about anywhere and get seated immediately.

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              Yes, if there is a Sox game Eastern Standard and everything else in the area is likely to be quite crowded. You have so many options. You could head down to Long Wharf with a leisurely walk down beautiful Commonwealth Ave. through the Public Garden and Common, then up Tremont to Govt. Center, across Faneuil Hall/Quincy Marketplace to Sel de le Terre at Long Wharf. There is a Blue line subway stop right across from the restaurant. Blue Line will take you to airport. Or, if you prefer, there is a Legal's there as well.This way you get to see some really pretty "touristy" parts of Boston along your way.

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                Or you could walk up Beacon St a few blocks to Taberna de Haro for tapas. A nice option for a BU student to know about.

        2. Thanks so much for the great suggestions. I plan to research them, and I'll be sure to report back!

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            Also in Kenmore Square: Petit Robert Bistro. Very good bistro menu, and excellent value.

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              Petit Robert is especially wonderful for lunch as the value gets even better on the lunch specials.

          2. You would get a much more involved answer if you gave more info: high end, comfort food, ethic or not, etc. etc.

            1. I recommend La Verdad on Landsdowne Street, near Fenway Park. Not-your-mama's Mexican food (unless your mama is a great Mexican chef!) I had a delicious salad there with avocado, corn, and pickled red onions. I also shared some pork tacos with lime...so fresh and satisfying. Very close to BU...get off the train at Kenmore, and walk two blocks. Less than 10 min. from BU, actually.

              1. Hi- thanks for all of your replies. We are headed to Boston tomorrow, and we plan to find Flour bakery for breakfast, and we have reservations at Sel de le Terre for dinner. I'm also excited to find some ice cream in the afternoon, but am undecided whether to head to Cambridge for Toscanini's or to find a JPLicks.College visitis are great-- we're just eating our way across the country!

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                  JPlicks is sucks, and even if you find it tolerable they are by no means a destination type place.

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                    go to Christinas in Inman Square for ice cream! It's not far from Toscaninis.

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                      i disagree that JP Licks sucks. It's not exactly supermarket ice cream. I like Toscanni's if you can park.

                      An easy JP Licks to reach from BU is on Harvard Street in Coolidge Corner, Brookline. Up Babcock Street into Brookline from BU and you run into Coolidge Corner. JP Licks is almost on the corner.

                      But at BU, the best place is Angora Cafe, which is a really great neighborhood place. It's at the corner of Babcock and Comm Ave, next to UBurger. Ice cream, sandwiches, neat place.

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                        It's not exactly supermarket ice cream in regards to the air content, but it's similarly low in fat and high in sugar, giving most of the flavors a sort of syrupy sensation as opposed to a rich and creamy one.

                        I'll agree with you on the Angora suggestion. I mean, everything there is pretty awful with the exception of the screw frogurt, which is fantastic.

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                          Your taste is not necessarily mine nor that of a whole lot of people.

                          Another option, a really good one, is White Mountain Creamery across from BC on Comm Ave. There's not much around BC but that is a good thing to have.

                    2. A restaurant I go to with my parents (I go to tufts and my brother is over at BU at the moment) quite often is Brown Sugar. It is a mildly upscale Thai restaurant. Dishes in the $10-20 range. I've never had anything bad there and some of the dishes are out of this world, like the chili duck (as long as you avoid the red chilis). Its right on Commonwealth so you could hop on the B line or walk from BU.

                      I have not had much success in the north end except at mikes pastry. you have to stop there and try the cannolis. They are to die for.

                      1. Eastern Standard, definitely! But as others have said, not if there is a sox game.

                        A great option in a quieter part of town (on sox days) is Via Matta...it is sort of on your way if you are taking the T from the BU area back to the airport. Via Matta is Italian, great pastas, great bar menu, lovely room, nice but not crazy-expensive.

                        Oooh, just saw that you settled on Sel de la Terre. I think that is also a place you will enjoy.

                        1. We really enjoyed the sticky buns and muffins at Flour Bakery, and our afternoon ice cream break at JP Licks. Dinner was pretty good at Le Sel de la Terre as well.

                          I've got to say that after visiting cities all over the US and Europe, we were stunned by how beautiful Boston is. Seriously, folks...you should be SO proud of your wonderful city!