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Jul 28, 2009 05:23 AM

Give Me Something Different/Unique...Please!


Will be in Montreal in the middle of August. I live in Toronto and I have been to Montreal many times. I am just looking for something unique and different. I hate to say this but food is secondary (still want it to be good but does not have to be great). Looking for a nice patio or beautiful room. Any food type works.

I look forward to your suggestions.

Thank you in advance.


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  1. You may be interested in this thread:

    Eccentric Montreal - Finding the Strange & Unusual

    Edit: have you been to Café Santropol? (St. Urbain/Duluth) They have a gorgeous back garden patio complete with pond and wandering neighbourhood cats, and the food qualifies as "good but not great" IMO. :-)

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    1. Cocoa Locale (Wed-Sun 12-6pm)
      Fous Desserts (reopens August 16th, Tue-Sat 8am-6pm)
      La Maison du Macaron (beats that bakery on King St)

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      1. re: marblebag

        Although I agree that those bakeries are certainly worth a visit, I'm pretty sure the OP is looking for restaurants.

        1. re: SnackHappy

          but you can get a hearty meals at the bakeries!

          Romados (between 3pm and 4pm is no wait)
          O Noir
          this new italian place on Bishop between Ste-Catherine and Rene-Levesque

          1. re: marblebag

            Bakeries are fine with me but more for lunch. I am looking for a dinner place. That was my original intent.

            thanks again

      2. Here are a couple of restaurants that are offering something different:

        - Kitchen Galerie for a dinner party feel. There are no waiters and therefore you get to interact directly with the chefs. Very cozy and yummy. One of my faves.

        - O Noir where you get to eat in complete darkness. I just noticed that it also opened up in Toronto though.

        - Robin des Bois which is a not-for-profit resto, profits go to charity.

        - Le Duel which offers a "Iron Chef" type of experience

        And of course any BYOB will be "different" from anything you can get in Toronto.

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        1. re: CookEatSleep

          hey cookeat these are fabulous ideas and ones i never heard of except the galerie. thx from a fellow montrealer and keep them comin'' hope u don't mind if i forward these but i will credit u...

        2. Haven't eaten there (nor has anyone I know and trust), so not a recco, but Hidden Market would probably qualify: