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Tex-mex or Caribbean - upscale or casual dining


So my out of town guests want to try Tex-Mex or Caribbean TONIGHT!

Can you recommend a good upscale or casual dining Tex-Mex or Caribbean place? We are good with Etobicoke, Mississauga and Toronto. North York and Scarb are too far.

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  1. Oh dear. Tex Mex in Toronto? I think maybe Hernando's Hideaway or Lone Star Texas Grill are the only places that fit that description.


    Ick, but if that's what your guests want... :


    I'm not so sure about dine-in Caribbean, as most of the places I go to are carry out. I'd say Island Foods might be your best bet.

    1. For Caribbean, perhaps Irie on Queen West? Nice atmosphere and good neighbourhood for walking or drinking after dinner. (www.iriefoodjoint.com


      Dunno about tex-mex, but if you want straight-up mex Frida is new-ish and getting some very good buzz. (www.fridarestaurant.ca)

      1. Lahacienda...lovely patio...funny drinks...Marimba!


        1. I am looking at Rancho Relaxo. Any comments?

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            Nothing special... not remarkable for out-of-town guests.

            1. As an alternative, you could try Harlem for soul food downtown.


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                I'd second Irie on Queen. Food is pretty good and you can either snag a window seat for people watching on the street or enjoy the patio out back.

              2. This is probably a little late, but I've always liked my meals at Irie on Queen W. Casual atmosphere, somewhat funky.

                Not your standard Caribbean, since they have a few fusiony dishes, but the food has always been tasty when I've dined there. Now that I think about it, it's about time for me to visit again;)

                Irie Food Joint
                745 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J1G1, CA

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                  Prob far too late, but Milagro would be your best bet I think!

                2. We ended up going to Rancho Relaxo. The drinks and food were ok but the service sucked. The waitress got my order wrong twice.

                  I won't be going back. I was not expecting it to be excellent but would have settled for good, but the food was not good, it was ok.

                  I may go back for the music and drinks and apps but the not the main courses.

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                    I always thought of Rancho Relaxo as a live music venue, not somewhere I'd really want to eat. I would rather eat at Sneaky Dee's.

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                      I should have known lol. I wanted a place where a teenager and a senior citizen had choices. They are not adventurous eaters. I am planning to try the other places mentioned in this thread.