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Los Tapatios Taco Truck-Sj

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just tried some tacos at los tapatios truck in san jose,its parked at the kragens parking lot on tully@huran after 9pm.this is the new owners of the featured truck from Diners Drive inn and Dives.tortillas are made by hand,all meats are high quality.i ordered a cheese quesadilla extra crunchy(doradas)with chicken.it was basically a cheese tostada with chicken.its served plain,and you top it yourself with onions,cilantro,hot sause and guacamole sause.grilled jalapenos served by request.tacos are $2 and $3 with chesse,these aren't your basic dollar tacos,good stuff

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  1. restaurant during the day

    17Hundred90 Inn and Restaurant
    307 East President St., Savannah, GA 31401