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Jul 28, 2009 01:08 AM

Sashimi: Fatty Tuna aka toro/otoro/chutoro

I'm in the mood to get some sashimi in North Austin (partiularly for fatty tuna sashimi) and was just wondering if anyone had any recs.

I'm eyeing Mushashinos at the moment, but are there are other options in the north-area?

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  1. White Tuna at Mikado was very good last week... at least that is what my lunch-mate said.

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    1. re: Rene

      Ooh, I'm a fan of white/albacore tuna but I've wanted to get some toro/fatty tuna and I'm not sure which places in North Austin would be best ^^

      1. re: gossymer

        Your best bet is Musashino's.

        They have 3 grades of Toro there Chu-Toro, Otoro, and Kama Toro (from the collar of the Tuna).

        They also have the option of searing these.

        Price is rather high at $6.50 for 1 piece of chu-toro nigiri, $18 for 1 piece of Otoro nigiri, and $20 for 1 piece of Kama Toro Nigiri.

      1. Had it at Midori a few months back. Very good and fresh (but pricey).