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Jul 27, 2009 11:13 PM

Wine Storage

My wine cooler broke, and the temp now reads 74 degrees. Is this an ok temp for my wine for the next few days until the new cooler arrives? Would storing my wine in the refridgerator be better, or would that be too cold?


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  1. It better to let the wines there and keep the door closed at all time to minimize temperature "shock".

    Me think a few days will do nothing to the wines.

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    1. re: Maximilien

      Correct, though don't put too much concern into shock unless you're trying to hang on to extremely valuable and sensitive wines (read: old, old wines).

    2. For a few days that isn't going to harm anything. Just be lucky you live somewhere where it is only 74 degrees... it's hot here in So Cal!!

      1. I don't have a cooler and keep my AC set at 80. I know it's not optimal, but when I buy a couple of bottles will they be ok for a couple of weeks at that temp or should I store even the reds in the big fridge?

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        1. re: Lixer

          Probably OK but you're pushing the upper limit.

          To know for sure, look closely at the corks when you extract them. If they're regularly stained with wine more than, say, a third of the way up the side, chances are your storage is too warm. (If they're stained all the way to the top or if wine is seeping from the bottles, it's almost certain the wines are cooked.)

          Also, be on the lookout for stewed fruit aromas and flavours -- another telltale sign. You could also do a test: buy two bottles of the same wine; store one in the fridge, the other in your regular storage; open both at the same time and compare their corks, bouquets and tastes.

          1. re: carswell

            That sounds like a fun experiment to me! ;) I'll report back with the results