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Jul 27, 2009 10:55 PM

Kosher food delivery to LAX??

Hi, I just found this board. I haven't lived in CA since '88, so I read as much as I could first. We'll be flying through LAX on the 5th and will have a 3 hr layover. Too risky to try going to Pico area...

Does anyone know of anyone doing delivery of ANYTHING kosher to LAX? Pizza, fleish, whatever! We're going to be getting onto a 15hr flight with frozen airline food. I'd really like to feed my wife & kids while we sit there.

On a different aspect, does anyone know if the TSA will ALLOW me to bring food through security? Of course I won't try to bring drinks, just food...

Thanks to all, and if anyone has any newer opinions than the ones from 2008 I saw for best pizza, mexican or barbecue in LA for our trip back I'd be grateful!!

My Own Meals and La Bruite just don't make it! (anyone know of new ones??)


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  1. You'd probably be better off posting this in the Kosher board, rather than the LA one.

    With regard to the TSA, one can bring food through as long as it's relatively solid food. The envelopes of tuna, for example, are fine, but applesauce isn't.

    The last time I was in LAX was two years ago; at the time, there were packaged kosher sandwiches (tuna, egg salad, etc.) in cases at a takeout place. ]

    1. I guess the question is how much you want to spend, and do you want to outfit your entire jaunt, or just have dinner? Anything is doable for a price. Remember that you're dealing with lots of traffic, and a time frame which must remain somewhat liquid, in order to rendesvous. You have a 3 hour layover, which could be half that or less if your first flight is running late. I'm sure any kosher restaurant would be able to send somebody with food, to sit in the cell phone parking lot and wait to be contacted to rendesvous, for a large surcharge. A large surcharge may not make sense to you for 1 meal for the family, but maybe for 3 or 4 well packed meals to eat over the 15 hrs and at at your destination, it might. There is no kosher food as close to LAX as Lawrence/Cedarhurst is to JFK, so it's more like asking a brooklyn restaurant to deliver to JFK- I'm sure it can be done,but it's not necessarily cost effective.