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Jul 27, 2009 10:34 PM

Ocracoke/South OBX to Myrtle Beach; What's real, and real good?

An extended family of Californians here, taking a trip down the Outer Banks (north to south) in mid-August, staying in Ocracoke, rejoining the mainland and then heading down the coast to Myrtle Beach. I'm looking to expose my family to some authentic southern food, and of course sample some myself. The more real, the better. We're willing to spend the money if some "don't miss it" restaurants beckon, though posts on the board suggest the pickings may be slim. Our favorites, though, are the hole in the wall places with great food frequented mostly by locals, e.g., shacks with peel 'n eats, hush puppies, bbq, greens (mustard, collard, etc.). Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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  1. >hole in the wall places with great food frequented mostly by locals, e.g., shacks with peel 'n eats, hush puppies, bbq, greens (mustard, collard, etc.)

    You want Prosser's BBQ in Murrells Inlet. BBQ, perhaps the best fried chicken on the coast (I can't find any better), chicken and dumplings, collard greens, excellent fried flounder and many more southern items available on there buffet, all for an unbelievably reasonable $7.50 (lunch) including all the iced tea you care to drink. I believe they do lunch everyday and dinner Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Very down-home, mostly locals and a few in-the-know out-of-towners. Located in Murrells Inlet proper, not on the bypass.

    3750 Highway 17 Business
    Murrells Inlet, SC 29576-6181
    (843) 357-6146

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      I agree...very good home cooking.

    2. I'm not sure if you realize what a huge stretch this area encompasses. It is an eight hour drive from the heart of MB to Ocracoke.

      Calabash Seafood Hut in Calabash has the best fried seafood.

      Agree with Prossers.

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        Thanks. Prosser's sounds like what we're looking for, and worth extending the drive a bit. I do realize the length of the trip, which we will probably break up with an overnight stay in Wilmington.

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          Wilmington has lots of great restaurants, although I don't know how well they meet your criteria and expectations. Catch and South Beach Grill are excellent. If you do a search on here for Wilmington, or do a separate post specifically for Wilmington, you'll get more suggestions.

      2. Lee's Inlet Kitchen in Murrells Inlet is one of the last local restaurants still owned and operated by the original owners. Good seafood, homemade desserts, amazing fried onion rings. Raw oysters right out of the water, and we lke the Manhattan clam chowder, also. In Calabash, Dockside is also good- but the portions are so huge you'll want to split a plate.

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        1. re: sarahNC

          Not true.

          Drunken Jacks, Russells, Divine Fish House, Davids, Dockside, and Bovines all still run by original owners.

          Wallace Lee passed away about 10 years ago.