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Jul 27, 2009 10:25 PM

Where to eat after Giant's game?

Heading to a Giant's game this Saturday night and looking to grab a meal afterwards. We wont stay for the whole game, probably leave by 8:30-9pm but will still be in semi casual attire. Any reccs nearby? Nothing too formal or over the top. Anyone here like South Park Cafe?

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  1. Tim Lincecum will be pitching on Saturday. I wouldn't leave until after he is done throwing pitches. As for food, 21st Ammendment is a great place to go after the Giants beat up that team from Philadelphia. What is more American than burgers/pizza/wings/decent Cubano sandwich and housemade beer after watching a baseball game? They do have a limited menu on game days and they post it on their website. They typically offer 7-8 housemade beers. It has a fun and festive atmosphere.

    21st Amendment Brewery Cafe
    563 2nd St, San Francisco, CA 94107

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    1. Why can't people say what kind of food they want. "nothing too formal" doesn't rule much out.

      South Park Cafe is quite nice. Very relaxed french. Not snobby, good food, not first-rank Michelin but tasty. Not considered an "after ballgame" kind of place, and that's a good thing.

      1. If you want good food, a casual atmosphere, and like great beer, there is nothing better than 21st Amendment. Give it a try.

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          Re 21st amendment, I will have to agree in part.

          The food is *good*, but not great. It fits with that ballpark laid back sports feel, but it's not great. It's only good. The atmosphere is sports-bar loud and convivial, the beer is also good-not-great. I think there are a half-dozen local breweries with better beer than 21st amendment, and you can't get 'em there. I don't consider 21st amendment "chow worthy".

          In some sense, it's the quintessential after-ballpark spot.

          [Side note: Slocolmbe is making 21st Amendment's Watermelon Wheat into icecream tomorrow! That might be worth a trip.]

          Given that the OP is planning on leaving the game early, and is considering South Park Cafe, I suspect they might want a *change and respite* from sports-bar-casual. South Park is pretty good, Fringale is better.

          Coco500 and Nova Bar might be worth a look - I haven't been to either, though.

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            21st Amendment's food has had its ups and downs. The chili I had there last month was surprisingly excellent.


            Fringale's on the formal side compared with the other places recomended here.

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              I found the food at 21st Ammendment to be pretty disappointing. Overall, nothing was bad enough to send back, but everythng was lacking in flavor. Beer was okay. We had the marg pizza, which was way bland. The burger was nothing to worth getting again. Salad was not very fresh. This place has Sysco written all over it. For the price, you are better off at the other places mentioned.

              1. re: Shane Greenwood

                How long ago did you last eat at 21st Amendment? The food I had there in June was good, much improved from the last time I'd eaten there (which was so mediocre that I was in no hurry to return). I think the beer was better, too.

                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                  Late May 2009. Saturday lunch on a non- game day.

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                    When I worked in South Park use to go to 21st every once it awhile (clients, not my choice) and also use to order to go for meeting every so often...it was always average to mediocre. Like I said below, it's blunt food meant to be washed down with beer. No finesse, your basic brew pub food. The safe bet was the burger and salads. I'd never go there by choice.

                    1. re: ML8000

                      Agreed. The food seems incidental to the real purpose of the place, which is to drink beer with your friends. I thought the beer was good though, so it's worth trying for that.

          2. Since you're not going to stay for the whole game, why not just go to the Acme chophouse in the park complex? Should be easy to get a table during the game.

            Off topic, why go to a game if you're not going to stay for it's entirety? Would you leave a movie half way through?

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              if the movie was bad, yes. Frankly, its the hosts call but I rarely stay for an ENTIRE baseball game unless its the Cardinals playing in October. Acme is a bit to pricey. I would like to try it though.

            2. Some suggestions..

              Fringale Restaurant
              570 4th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

              598 4th St, San Francisco, CA 94107

              South Food Wine Bar
              330 Townsend Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

              21st Amendment Brewery Cafe
              563 2nd St, San Francisco, CA 94107

              South Park Cafe
              108 South Park, San Francisco, CA 94107

              625 C Street, Anchorage, AK 99501

              737 W. 5th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501

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                Fringale's a bit on the formal side.

                What's good at Tsunami? Doesn't look like there are any reports in the archive.