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Jul 27, 2009 10:20 PM

Iron Chef Japan is Back

As an Iron Chef Japan from way back, imagine my surprise and thrill when flipping through the channels this evening to discover that Iron Chef is back. It seems they are showing original episodes that were once part of The Food Network line-up. It was ousted from their programming in favor of the new Iron Chef America, apparently because the majority of their current viewers like to watch shows with meals they feel like they can cook.

To me, nothing matches the competition on this show. It's seriousness, respect and sense of honor is so dramatic and entertaining.

Hiroyuki Sakai is my FAVE!

You can watch Iron Chef Japan weeknights at 10pm and weekdays at 4pm ET

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  1. It's been on Fine Living for a few months now. One would think that Scripps Networks would do a slightly better job advertising on Food Network about it.

    One sad thing is that since the original used music from the movie Backdraft, an NBC/Universal property, music rights did not transfer along with the rest of the show. The replacement music works well enough, I suppose, but the Backdraft songs were just perfect.

    1. Are these new episodes, or reruns? I don't have Fine Living, and if they are new episodes, I'm going to feel cheated. Not paying Comcast for more channels.

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      1. re: ChefJune

        They're re-runs of the original show

      2. Just an aside....Chen Kenichi has a cookbook out. I have it, but have only glanced at it so cannot comment yet.